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  1. Let me start out by saying this is the most neat gimmick I've ever seen/used.
    If you haven't seen the preview, here's the link:
    So, now that you know what it is, lets get on with the review.

    DVD length: 24 Minutes
    DVD Quality: Not outstanding like T11, obviously, but it does get the job done.

    I've never seen an ad for an effect as honest as this one is. Everything it says on that page can be done.
    At first, I was like, "There's no way the person's actual signature is on that card in the photo." Well, after getting the DVD I had to remove my foot from my mouth. It can actually be done. I was honestly surprised.

    The second thing to stand out to me was the fact that a FREELY thought of word can appear on the photo. I had the same thought as before, and once again removed my foot from my mouth when he actually did it.

    Andrew goes over all the nuances of the gimmick perfectly and if you keep it preserved right, this thing will last a very long time. I was shocked that Andrew actually invented this thing on his own. <---If you own the DVD you will know why I say this. Do yourself a favor and buy this before it's no longer for sale. These are handmade because of the certain "component" Andrew invented, so that's why it says limited quantities on the ad.

    Once you get this, ideas will just start flowing out of you. The first one I had was to hand someone the photo, have another select a card, and then place it face down on the table. The photo is now visible and shows a very blurry image of the card. Attention is now brought back to the card on the table. It's flipped over to reveal all blurry pips.

    Buy this DVD. I give it a 9/10
  2. Can you make something disappear from the picture? Or just appear?
  3. In theory you could.
  4. Hi there,

    I have just purchased it from Andrews site and I would urge anyone else to as well. I was wondering if you might PM me any advice on the trick, thanks.
  5. Do you get just one photo to use?

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