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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NickGanesh, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. U showed them to me privately but ill tell u again. these tricks are awsome and I would be interested in learning both of them they seem to utillize a similar concepts.
  2. damn took the words right out of my mouthhh
  3. Thanks to both of u especially u Tom.


    howd he take the words out ur mouth u didnt get the vid. in private
  4. damn u got me there, but u kno what i mean.

  5. believ it or not i saw this on utube while searchin for somethin!! and it just got released wow.


    i think the prev. posts summed it up the tricks were very nice and id kill just to know that popout move u do. :)
  6. Well done my friend. They were very smooth. And creative. Once again really smooth. I liked how the music went with the flow. I would love to learn these, they are pretty simple but that pop out move thing you did, is pretty sick.

    I hope these get the views they deserve.

  7. Hey man,
    I think your videos were awesome. I liked them both and before I knew it i started making up a patter for it. I think the second one would be cool if you could force a Jack and I would have called it Jumping Jack. Its a really nice idea though.


    Justin Way
  8. I really like that idea dude! i might play around with that myself great job very smooth!

  9. Nick, nice job on the video (I only watched the first one).

    I have to be honest though... As an effect and a video, it was nice. As a product, not so much.

    It basically reminds me of the type of effects I used to create pairing a control with a shapeshifter change when I was six months into magic. For me, it was a well-performed but otherwise meaningless mix of sleights that doesn't stand out in any way to anything else on the market. Simply put, again, it's a good video, but as a product, there's absolutely no reason why I wouldn't rather save my money to buy Magic of Ascanio, Theatre of the Mind, Approaching Magic, Carneycopia, etc.
  10. I think he ment giving it away for free. I really recommend checking out the second video, its pretty kickass.

  11. Ah, if that's what he did indeed mean, then my apologies, and by all means - it's your effect, so go for it if you wish.
  12. The second video is awesome!!! :)
  13. Thanks a lot guys.

    Thanks JDENredden for clearing things up. Im thinking about releasing them soon but i dont wsant to jsut have them like there, so im thinking about giving it to maybe a select few people but i dont know how to select these people.
  14. You can select me.

  15. Great job Nick, super smooth. I thought both videos were great!

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