Polaroid Change performance

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JPedrosa, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Change looked great, just work on that second deal or whatever you tried to do at the end.

    Good work,
  2. Damn! That was very good.
  3. That was pretty good. Finally someone here who does the pinky count for a double. Great job.
  4. Good video, i always get a kick out of people that try to do the card spin and then mess up. Hah, i do it to sometimes. For some reason just makes me snicker.
  5. .

    lol, I can actually do the pirouete flourish but in the video i messed up a little.
  6. Wow. Very clean. 5/5 for sure!
  7. Just posted this in the media section. Amazing job -- and in such little time. Keep it up.
  8. The change was great 5/5. I'm thinking of buying it too, but I've got some questions. Are you left clean after the change? And how hard is it comparing to other colour changes.
  9. You do a great job on that I am still working on it but am progressing I should have it really good within a week.
  10. That was amazing, surely a 5/5. How'd you get it down so fast?
  11. Yes, you are left clean. In terms of diffculty, here's a bit of a 1-10 chart :)

    1-Snap Change
    4-Paint Change
    5-Shake Change
    6-Duck Change
    7-Erdnase Sideways
    8-Polaroid Change
    9-Axis Change

    These are a list of the easiest to the hardest card changes in my opinion. Although there are a myriad of changes, (beyond 10!) these are just the ones i picked. (1 being easiest, 10 being hardest)

    Hope this helps influence your decision!

  12. I think the axis change is a lot harder than the clipshift.
    Basically because you can't ever perform the axis change.
  13. Good Job! i liked how little hand movement there was.
  14. Question,

    By shake change do you me Jack Carpenter's change? Just wondering.

  15. where did you learn that?

    You did an amazing job
  16. Polaroid Change is a 1-on-1 available here at Theory11. Go to the top of the screen, click on the 1-on-1 button, wait for the list to load and scroll down, Polaroid will be there somewhere.
  17. AH, thank you very much.

    that will definitely be one of my next purchases

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