Powerful Card tricks!

Jun 13, 2013
Hampton Roads, VA
My favorite to perform would be The Biddle Trick, Here There and Everywhere, French Kiss, Michael Ammar's version of Card to Spectator's Wallet, and though I'm not overly fond of gimmicked decks I've lately been getting a lot of mileage out of the Invisible Deck.
May 21, 2014
Staunton, VA
I've been using "Chrysalis" a lot lately. It's a Justin Miller thing where you change the color of one card, then the whole deck, then the box. It's extremely visual and logical and gets really great reactions.

I like to use a version of "This, That and the Other" that ends on a blank card. That one usually freaks people out.

Let's see...haunted deck is always good. I use either "Summons" or the Dynamo version, unless I'm leading into my sponge routine, and then I use Flob. For reasons.

I also like to combo my Invisible Deck with my marked deck for an effect where the spectator takes the deck, chooses a card, and lays it face down on the table. Nobody looks at this card yet, net even the spectator. Without touching the deck they've handled or the card they chose, I open a deck to reveal that one card is face down. We flip our cads at the same time and they match. I usually floor people with this version, so it's the one I use most often.

All in all I don't do that many card tricks these days, but the few I know have to be worthy of a wizard.
Dec 5, 2014
I usually open with my presentation of Doc Eason's Impossible Opener. I've gotten some good mileage out of that one alone.
I've actually gotten people dropping the card when I do the Hand Sandwich trick.
I'm really enjoying Bill Malone's Think Touch Turn right now, but it's too early at the moment to really say if it's gonna be a hit yet.
And People seem to get a real kick out of my ACR, so I'm gonna keep using that one.
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