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  1. So how do you practise? I mean that do you just do all the sleight/effects/changes you come up with or some other way? I have most of the effects and other stuff written down on a paper and every time I start practising, I take that paper out.

    Also, if you get a new book, do you read it entirely and practise all the material in it??
  2. ther have been plenty of threads on practising.
    Please use the search tool.
    As you probably wont, Im just gonna give you a very short discription of my method.
    I practice sleights/ moves on its own repeatedly. This is just so i can perfect tricks.
    I mainly practice by watching others. Kinda ironic. I watch others to understand presentation and how they execute a move subtly. I learn how to justify each move with a reason, then the moves will come naturally as you understand what you are making it look like.

    As for books, I read through it. May not be 100% thorough. I see things I like, I read more indepth upon it, understand it, practice it, perfect it, then I see what I can change. As for the other material, I may not like it. Whats the point of practising something youre not going to use? I either just understand and ignore it, or I try to change it to my style. 4/5 times even if I changed it, I hardly use it.
  3. For a vast array of practice techniques : Click Here

    The thread is closed-but you can read it and get insight.

    As for books. I will read every page of a book before I get into practicing from it. I don't practice everything from any one book. I think reading and going through each effect at least once is important if you're a beginner-as you learn more you tend to know which effects are better for your style of magic and can afford to skip other effects.

    I would advise reading and going through the ones you wont use though. There may be a sleight you don't know but fall in love with, a paragraph on presentation which could increase your skill, or you might have a brilliant idea for an effect.

    Practice the effects you want to use. Get the sleights down and then go into scripting it. You can stay true to some of the creators words but you're going to want to build what you say based around who you are as a performer.

    You can PM me if you want to talk about this or want ideas on anything else.

  4. do every peice bit by bit, you want to perfect it till the point you are able to fool yourself, practice in a mirror, but also like dan white said on this site, practice without a mirror, practice without cards just using the motions, your time to perfect something may be within a couple of hours to a month, other may be a couple months to almost a year, just come up with the result of being able to fool yourself....
  5. what i try to do is find the DVD or VHS equivalent to those books, i didn't read Bobo's coin magic, i got the DVD by the salinas guy, i have read the book, but not entirely. not close to it.

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