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  1. hey guys just wondering how many of you would be interested in a prediction effect
    instant reset perfect for walk around
    including 3 variations
    multiple ideas
    also if you was interested would 4.95 be a fair price
  2. Its not really up to anyone except you, you only want to release it based solely on how many people are going to buy it?
  3. no i just want to share it but also get over the $50 mark
  4. Not enough information. Zero interest at this point.
  5. basically its a fair prediction where the deck can be shuffled before the effect as it is self working they take four random cards and pick one and it matches with the prediction i also have a blank deck variation a broken deck variation and a lot of ideas using the concept
  6. A video performance of "said" effect would entice us a bit more. :)
  7. Agreed. Plus a mentalism effect from a guy who's nickname is "cardistry", hmmm, interesting.
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    It sounds interesting , so I am interested.
  9. I would say vaguely interested. I would want to see a performance, add I already know ways to do predictions and so far nothing you've said seems that new.
  10. i mainly pratice cardistry but still practice magic and i will post a performance pretty soon

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