Prediction Player Card to Shirt

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    Ellusionist had something like this out before, if I can remember correctly. Its a cool idea.

  2. Looks interesting. I'm laughing because the trailer music was copied from the "SAW" movies. Sounded cool though.
  3. $70 for a trick shirt?
    No thanks.

    I'm not the type of guy to wear cards on my shirt to do 1 trick, and look stupid for the rest of the night.
    I steer away from the stereotypical thought from laymen of magic being dorky, and this isn't gonna help.
  4. I'm laughing because of "It comes in BLACK, Like magic." lmao

    In all seriousness though i can't understand who's character this would fit at all.
  5. The shirt would look fine if it said something other than "Prediction Player" under the cards. What I don't like is that it seems that you have to wear a jacket in order to do the main effect.
  6. Supposedly, it doesn't come with wording "Prediction Player" on the shirt that you will be receiving. Hasn't Jay Sankey released something along this line...? Probably at cheaper price...?

    Either way... It's... rather strange.
  7. There is a disclaimer 'Prediction Player' is not on the shirt.

  8. My understanding is that you need to wear a jacket over it to perform the effect. I have a good feeling I know how it works but wouldn't even pay 30 bucks for it let alone what they are asking.

  9. Ah...didn't notice that there. Thanks guys.

    @Ashrei, here's the Sankey product that you mentioned:

    The front looks alright, but the back looks horrible in my opinion.
  10. I have to say I'm with DannyT on this one. Although not the dorkiest shirt, It perhaps lacks a bit of 'cool' factor (aside from being BLACK, like magic).

    I have to say the concept is great. The price tag baffles me. At that price it's not worth the trial even.
  11. Ehh.. maybe if the cards were a part of that painting line like "Patience - some random words here" under the cards that are framed.

    Instead of just 5 cards on a black t-shirt..
  12. The price is rediclious...
  13. Reminds me of how they over priced the David Stone "Window" thing. I bought it when it came out and the thing was like 70 bucks, for one effect and the DVD had only like 8 mins of teaching on it. It "taught" like 3 methods and the rest were the demos that they already showed on the site.

    70 bucks for a T shirt that does one effect. Yeah, not buying it. Sankeys is like 25 bucks and does a bunch of other things (even though it looks silly.). I wonder what their reasoning for it being 70 bucks is? "To put this image on the shirts it took a lot hard work and etc. )
  14. I still can't justify it to myself to buy 30 dollar nor 60 dollar T-shirts...
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    Just buy Jay Sankey's Revelation Shirt its $25.
  16. I just went and looked at it it uses a "special" gimmick and there may be a dvd that may be why its 70 buck. Leave it to ellusionist to take somethin worth 30 give it hype and make 70.
  17. I do not often post in forums, I will give you my review of Prediction Player, people can say I will not be objective because Tony is a Friend...
    So I will just speak about the product and the effect I had with.

    I will try some question who appears in France when Tony launch the product:
    - You can wash easily the T-Shirt (30°C) (turn it back before)
    - You can iron the T-Shirt (turn it back before)
    - When you are ready to perform nothing will move you can even dance if you want before presenting the effect...
    - The gimmick can be re-use few times if you take care of it
    - Can be done with or without jacket, personally I always do it with the method without jacket even if I wear one.

    From a spectator point of view, the impact is really good.
    I often use it for cocktail/ stand up magic, for different reasons: I'm easy to recognize during the event, if people knows there is a magician, when I'm arriving I don't need to break the sociological bubble they integrate me quicker.
    The t-shirt is quite cool and beautiful and good quality.
    I can do the effect for the different groups reset is 10 seconds

    I have different use for it :
    The one I like is after a routine, the chosen card is place in spectator hand, he look at it and it is a blank card -> after seeing me he saw the printed card in my t-shirt and automatically he tried to touch it (and he can, but I prefer she can :) )

    I also did it sometimes like Tony in table hopping.
    Tony use it for years and still now, every close up, stand-up... the impact is still the same.

    Hoping that can answer to your question on the product. :p
  18. I think it's a good effect. However, not one worth spending that kinda cash on.
  19. Noone thought of Dresscode?

    Might not be jacket-free, but you can make your shirt look however you want it to and pay as much as you want for it (depending on the quality and design you want), it has easy reset, lasts as long as any regular shirt... and it costs you $25 for the trick.

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