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Alright, I already know there are a lot of other review on pressure, but I've never done a review before, and I thought this would be a good effect to start on.
so here we go... I'll break it down as best as I can. Comments and/or critiques are welcome with open arms.

Effect: The performer asks a spectator to hold out their cell phone. He then proceeds to blow up a balloon and takes the cell phone. Phone in one hand, balloon in the other, the performer visually pushes the phone inside of the balloon. Showing it is inside the balloon, the performer can hand it back to the spectator for them to remove.

Quality: One of the most important things, and T11 does not fail to give top-notch quality on the video. Very good camera angles let you see what is happening better along with the audible teaching.

Teaching: Honestly, there is not a whole lot to the trick, but the Dans do a great job of going over every aspect of the trick and pretty much any situation you will enctounter and how to handle it. They take turns swapping hints and instructions, so you get two awesome instructors to teach you. They show the trick first and then break it down into two simple steps which are very easy to learn by just following along.

Visual level: The reactions are instant as the audience can visually see the balloon suck up the phone or whatever other item you so choose to use. One of the most visual effects I have seen.

Practicality: The trick is very practical. You can do it at parties, get togethers, pretty much anywhere. The only real set up is to make sure you have a balloon with you, and pretty much any balloon will work which is what makes this trick so great. (They tell you not to use the long ones)

Overall: 10/10. Im not trying to be a suck up, but this has to be the best trick I've bought. Its simple, its practical, its visual, and its just plain fun to do.

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Nov 8, 2008
Nice review. I think you should make it clear that you have to rip open nozzle on the balloon before handing it out.
Jan 28, 2009
No CRASH, this is the -BEST TRICK EVER-.

The fact that 80% of the people that I've shown the teaser to have figured out the trick is irrelevant. David Blaine, Daniel Garcia have had GREAT reactions, and because we're all them, we can of course naturally emulate it.

It's a bad trick, with innate flaws to the method and just 'hasn't been thought through' (to quote the producer of the trick, ironically enough, not discussing pressure, but an issue that he has with other people's ill thought through effects.) Don't get me wrong, Daniel Garcia is one of my favorite magicians, but the way this has been marketed and presented has had only one aim in mind. It's sure as HECK not to produce good and compelling magic, but rather to part 13 year olds from their parents cash to buy something that any thinking adult is going to figure out in 2 seconds. I figured it out, but sometimes I perform for kids so paid for it, and then was shocked that I even correctly guessed the fricking stupidly obvious and idiotic clean up (I was assuming there'd be some genius clean up that Garcia was using to justify Pressure's existence). But of course with the power of misdirection you can completely misdirect someone from obvious laws of physics and the obviousness of the method. Lol. What a joke.

I bought it because it may come in handy at a kids birthday party, but if you're audience can't work out how the first part of the trick is done on their own, then they're idiots. To be fair I haven't been directly rumbled and I have performed it a few times, but as I said, you ask the audience 10 minutes later and they'll be like...what an obvious frickin trick. Don't start giving me this, "Its your performance" bs. If the heavily edited teaser is obvious to almost everyone I've shown it to, and they have said, "Oh he's just doing that (insert complete method, and one or two laymen btw have even said, oh and then I bet he does (insert cleanup which isn't even shown on the teaser)....what's the trick?" and that's the creator performing it, then that to me says.....the trick is innately OBVIOUS. It's basic physics people.

10/10???? For what? If I were regularly performing at three year old's birthday parties I'd probably go for it, but imo this is the biggest rip off since Tarantula, and in terms of how well thought out it is, how good the clean up is etc etc etc I'd give this about a 2 out of 10. This could be a good effect, but as it is, it's just not a complete effect. As I said, give Monet a stick and he'll produce a masterpiece, but that doesn't mean I can then go out and sell that stick as the ultimate paint brush.

If they priced this at 4 bucks and made it a 1 on 1 it would perhaps be better, but there is no fricking way any amount of huge thought went into this effect because its just too fricking obvious and I've seen much better and much OLDER phone into balloon and deck into balloon effects that actually play out better than Pressure.

Basically, save your money.
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Jan 26, 2008
Sure it looks cool but...

Seriously my 8 year old brother did explain in detail how it was done when i did performe it for him.
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
I have also just now performed it a few days ago after thoroughly learning it and making it convincing as possible in front of a mirror and its floored everyone.
Was at a birthday party at my rich aunts place(darn her) full of relatives who have all tried to debunk me.
They had no clue.
If this truly was so simple to figure out I would have been caught by now or someone would have said something.
I didnt really mean for so much arguing over this, but anyway.
the only person who has figured it was my friend who i first did it for, other than that I havn't gotten caught. Even my step dad who figures out EVERYTHING I do cant guess it.

I think it has a very good concept to it, sure its easy to figure out, but as long as you dont ham it up to much and just go into the effect, people will believe it.
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