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  1. Yeah sure... "visual learners" more like too lazy to actually read? This doesn't include people who are dyslexic as they have an excuse but you can't say everyone who rather watch a video to learn instead of reading are dyslexic. I won't bother explaining because I know I'm going to get ignorant comments because our "generation" of magic is all about single tricks and DVDs. It's ironic how a lot of things written on texts in the 1900s are still AHEAD of this time...
  2. Who cares if they are too lazy to read? This is a modern era where video is available easily. Do you think if we have video back when all these books were written, someone wouldn't have been made DVD's also? What is with you god purists that think just because something is in a video it must be for "lazy people" or something? It's not for lazy people, it's for a clearer conveyance of what is being taught. Sometime it is incredibly difficult to work out finger positions and such from a book, not so much these days because they include photographs, but if you can have photographs, what's wrong with video? If people want to spend money on a DVD let them, if they want to buy a book they will, they can make up their own damn minds how they prefer to learn magic.

    I personally find video insightful, you can see exactly how it's supposed to be performed, watch it over and over to pick up little details etc, while you can do this with a book you spend half your time working out if your hands are orientated correctly than actually doing any magic. How you can call anyone lazy for not going through that I don't know. You may as well call anyone lazy that uses a televsion remote rather than getting up and pressing the button. Or typing lol instead of laugh out loud. Or eating out rather than cooking dinner at home. Or uses a mobile phone instead of going to visit the person. Or driving somewhere rather than walking, or crawling, or rolling.
  3. I think this comment is unfair.
    Some prefer videos, some prefer books.
    Some prefer videos for a clearer visual way of learning, while some prefer the descriptive method of a book.

    I personally sometimes find it hard to make sense of a book. While sometimes find it hard to keep up with a video and too my frustration watch it over and over (Eg Trilogy flourishes)

    Anyone having trouble with this, with an old deck? Or a more broken into deck that may have lost its slippiness?
    Its quite clear that in the video he's using a new deck.
    I find the push through actually quite hard with an old deck and its more of a wrestle with the cards.
    I reckon with practice I will improve with a sticky deck.
  4. I think airing out the deck (like Jason in the vid) before the strip-out helps to smooth out the stripping action.

    I've read the shuffle from CC3 and ECT but wanted to see what it should look like and any more pointers. For that I think the 1on1 is very good indeed.

    On the subject of Zarrow or Push-through, i'll go with the PT. Especially when doing Vernon's Triumph. You can show the cards mixed before the shuffle, which is a lovely touch.
  5. There's no comparison with Luke Jermay and Jason England. Jason is much more qualified and skilled in the field of gambling then Luke. Personally, after having already been familiar with the shuffle and having worked on it for a while before this, I think that this is better than other one on ones here. Gives you so much more mileage in card magic (for me at least) then fourishes. Just me.


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