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  1. I've been doing card magic for about 5 or 6 months now, and everyone I've asked has suggested Card College as a learning resource. The questions I have are on volumes 1 and 2.

    For volume 1, after reading overviews of what is taught, it feels like I've learned a lot of it already, so how helpful do you guys think it would be for someone who has a decent understanding of the basics?

    For volume 2, the only real question I have is why is it so expensive? I'm interested in getting both of the books, but everywhere I check, volume 2 is consistently 70-100$ more than every other book in the series. Is it gonna go down at some point, or has it always this expensive? It just feels kinda weird to have just one of these books cost so much more than all the others.
  2. Volume 2 is currently out of print. It will almost certainly be reprinted at some point and when it does you will see it for sale at its normal price.

    Someone else here on the forum said that volume 2 is available as a download for a reasonable price at so you may want to check it out there.
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  3. Yes. Going thorough it will help refine your technique. Some of those refinements are necessary for you to do more difficult sleights. There may be things like how the deck "floats" in mechanics grip, the specific position of certain fingers, the point were you touch the cards, etc. Think of it as having an expert check you technique.

    I've seen estimates of March or April as a reprint date.
  4. I got volume 2 on ebay, check for people selling multiple volumes together

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