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  1. Hey guys,
    Got a gig coming up on the 11th which will consist of my first stage set, not to sure what to perform. I will also be table hopping but been doing that for a while. Anyway the set is only 20 mins and i'm going to perform 3 effects, these are: my variation of french kiss, paper balls over shoulder (maybe) and shape of my heart. I have a mentalism effect in case i don't perform the paper balls. Just wandering have any of you guys got any tips on how to calm your nerves and not seem that nervous on stage?? It will be inevitable that my nerves will show but i just want to calm them a little. Practice hard before the gig which i'm doing now is a must but anything else?? how about calms?? a few pints, haha??

    Kind Regards

    Dan Parsons
  2. How about not doing the gig at all, so you have more time to practice nerves controlling?
  3. Don't cancel. Being nervous is a good thing. The only known cure is confidence and the only way to get that is by manning up and doing it.

    Here are some things that can help,
    Control your breathing. Couple deep breaths before you go on.
    Rehearse until you can hit every verbal mark and execute all moves without thinking about it.
    Drink green tea with a drop of honey. Good for the throat too.
    Visualize exactly how you want the set to go and allow NO Interuptions during the 10 minutes before you go on while you are doing this.
  4. Also, running warm water on your wrists right before your show will help calm your nerves!
  5. Thanks for the responses guys, green tea with honey sounds good, will definitely have to try that and warm water on the wrists seems interesting, cheers for the tips :)


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