Rare gold bordered ghost cards

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  1. Has Anyone here seen the RARE GOLD bordered GHOST cards? If they are even Ghost cards.. I don't know what they are. These cards are custom made from what I have been told with a 24K GOLD painted border... I heard that there were only a handful of decks ever made.. I have yet to see them myself but my friend was telling me about them.. He said each card is then individually buffed so the cards Fan beautifully.. He said that they were the coolest cards he had ever seen.. I was wandering if any1 here had seen the cards or knew where i could obtain a pack.. There not sold at stores.. They are custom made by an individual.. Each pack takes about a month to make and they are just perfect craftmanship from what i am told.. If anyone knows how to get ahold of these please let me know or if you see any videos of them please share..

  2. Got a picture of these? Sound a bit fictional to me... :confused:

    Anyone else have thoughts//opinions?

    I am curious to hear if these really exist. If they do, they are probably LOADS of MONEY!!!

  3. I agree...!

    PS: Make your signature text smaller :)
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  5. and they all fan like crap.
  6. There are tally ho's gold bordered..
  7. i would assume so.
  8. I have 2 oooold Pinochle decks from Germany that have gold on the sides... gorgeous cards.

  9. Mmm

    Dosent sound like Ellusionist, if it was so they would be posting it all over E and emails. Dont get me wrong I support E but they would do that.

  10. Rare Gold Cards

    ok here's what i know.. A friend of mine knows someone who knows someone who know the guy that actually makes the cards.. They are very hard tog et and they take even longer to make.. They are custom made.. They aren't printed by uspcc or ellusionist or nothing like that.. He actually takes a month to make 1 pack of cards... I am trying to get a video of the cards from my friend who actually owns a pack.. Once I get the video I will upload so you can see them..

    Also i found out what takes so long is making the cards nice and smooth so they are able to be fanned rather easily.. He has to buffer each and every single card after they are painted gold.. But from what I am told they work great for doing fans and flourishes.. I also am waiting to get a contact # or an email where I can get ahold of the guy to ask him if he can make me a pack.. If I have any luck I will let you know.. I guess he is an older guy that is a magic enthusist and hobbyist.. So I will post a video of them once I am able to get one and let you know.. But believe me they are REAL as I have seen them and as for price I have no idea.. Hopefully I can get a pack or two cheap... I am surprised they arent popping up on ebay to be honest..

    I just got 2 packs of Theory 11's WHITE centurions.. I paid $40usd per pack.. Pretty steep price but I am glad just to have a pack.. I love them.. That would be awesome of Theory 11 would produce a white pack of GUARDIANS.. I also got the PROPAGANDAS which are really nice as well.. I recently just got 3 packs of A-omoros which are nice and very rare as well as a brick of old style STUDS which are smoothe and easily FANNED.. Almost to smoothe for my liking.. I am a BIG COLLECTOR of CARDS and a magic enthusiast and hobbyist. I have quite a nice collection.. I just won on ebay my first pack of Jerrys Nuggets so I cant wait to get those in the mail.. anyways I will let you know what i find out..


  11. Sounds interesting about the guy actually producing his own cards.

    ...And I don't see how your 3rd paragraph is relevant to any of this besides you trying to brag about how much money you have to bombard on cards.
  12. not really eddie he's just excited about starting on a journey of collection :)

    besides even if he has alot of money now, take it from me, that after the insanity grabs ahold of you, that will quickly be all gone :-D

    as far as the guy individually buffing the cards so that they fan "quite nice", I've seen too many magicians and their "nice fans" to believe that for a second...
  13. This is so true. Card collecting is actually a great magic trick that makes your bank accounts smaller.

    I seriously keep a seperate bank and paypal accounts for the sole purpose of tracking my card purchases.

    Its like the dark side of the force I guess, it draws you in, and there is no turning back.
  14. Anakin turned back. :confused: A lot of people think that Anakin wasn't the Chosen One, because he didn't bring balance to the Force. But if you actually think about it, he did indeed bring balance. At the end of "Return of the Jedi" he kills the Emperor, and dies himself, killing off the Sith, leaving only his son (a Jedi), and therefore bringing balance to the Force.

    /nerdy and completely irrelevant tidbit
  15. What are you (they) talking about? Of course he was the Chosen One. >.> Luke is a gimp.
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    your wrong sir!!! how could there be balance in the force if there is only one jedi!!! it is called a "balance" for a reason, a balance has two ends and both ends have to have something sir to be balanced!!!!that's why darth sidious resurrected later in the series!!! thats why both of han solo twins started to turn to the dark side! (jacen actually) thats the balance!!!!

    Boba and jango fett rules!!!!

    you got owned by a nerdy guy without social life and a big star wars encyclopedia sirrrrrrr!!!!!:mad:
  17. I appreciate all the sirs, but you're still wrong. In the Saga, by bringing balance to the Force, they mean wiping out the Sith. Unless it was written or "approved" by George Lucas, I don't consider it a continuation of the Star Wars Saga- there's too many of them to believe them all.
  18. awww... allright sir.... boba and jango still rules right?
  19. Of course. I was listening to a weekly radio show today, and each week they have a special guest on. I about peed my pants today when they said it was Carrie Fisher. She said that the metal bikini didn't adhere to her skin very well, and when she was laying against Jabba, Boba Fett (behind her) could see everything. What a lucky man...
  20. gosh!:eek: wouww good times....

    BTW, have you heard about some rare gold bordered ghost cards? Just imagine how would they fan....

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