Regeneration Refills?!?!

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  1. How do I get a refill on regeneration cards?
  2. Hey there,

    You can send a message over to our support team and they will be able to tell you how you can get refills for the effect. :)
  3. If you're logged into your theory11 account, you can grab refills directly in your My Account area at the link below:

    If you don't see the refills tab there, or if you have any questions, shoot a message to our support team - happy to help!
  4. They're out of stock!!! I need them, I want them. Please tell me they're coming back into stock soon! :)
  5. Very soon! Check back next week.

    // L
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  6. You can always make them yourself too.... :)

    I assume you are talking about Blake's effect rt?

    He teaches how to split cards and what not here:

    and here:

    Using these tools you could easily learn how to make the gimmick yourself (you should understand the basic concept by using it in the past).

    ***Disclaimer*** I am not saying he will teach you how to make the gimmicks you need in these videos, but you can use the concepts he teaches along with the knowledge you have of the gimmicks themselves and recreate your own gaffs.

    Just an option ;)
  7. I will confirm that he does NOT teach how to make these. Our process for making them is complicated, tedious, and time consuming. Our gimmick makers have this process worked out really well, but it took a long time to get there. Not easy to make high quality gimmicks. That said, if you own Regeneration, are familiar with and practiced in card splitting and gimmick making, and want to take the time to make your own, you could do so. We offer refills because the average person doesn't have the ability or time to make them.

    // L
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  8. What is the cost and quantity on the refills?

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