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  1. Evers since Crush, I've been aiming to get into some other types of magic besides cards. Would Restless be a good purchase for sort of dipping one's toes into the pool of magic. There are some nice card effects in there and there are a lot of effects utilizing other items.

    Are they excessively difficult? I'm not afraid of practice and learning, but should one have prior experience in this sort of magic before getting this, or is it all pretty straightforward with the tricks?

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  2. RESTLESS contains a plethora of effects using a variety of different objects; from cards, coins, markers, to even lint rollers.

    The contents of RESTLESS is what I divided into two subjects - 1) being full-polished effects (an example would be UNMATCHED) and 2) being ideas in which you can create and play around with (an example would be SC).

    Most of the effects are incredible easy, some will require some arts and crafts time (some ranging from dead-easy to a little bit time-consuming), and others will be a little complex in handling, but with a little bit of practice, you'll get it down in no time.

    If you want a DVD containing a difference of items, than I say go ahead and pick up RESTLESS - you won't be disappointed - you'll definitely find and like something you'll perform (as you can see, I liked 4/7 effects on V1 and 4/7 on V2, which equals, 8/14 - which isn't that bad).

    If you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

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