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    AD Copy:

    Take a playing card and begin fold it into quarters. You then tear the card into four pieces.

    Taking the first two pieces, you display them clearly front and back and tell your audience to watch as you just touch the torn edges together slowly. With gentle blow, the two pieces are now fused back together. You can turn them all the way around to show that the two pieces are now truly restored.

    Taking another quarter piece of the torn card, you cleanly display it, front and back. You simply touch it on to the first restored pieces. Instantly the piece is restored, the card is shown all round, and it is handed out for inspection, leaving one final piece of card.

    Taking the final piece of card, explain that there are two edges to restore. By gently touching the first torn edge of the final piece on to the card, it melts right back on. One edge left. All you do is fuse the edges together with no funny movements, leaving the card totally restored. It can be handed out immediately.
    No gimmicks. No glue. No sticky stuff. Extremely Practical. Shot with over 20 minutes of crystal clear HD over-the-shoulder instruction.


    Lloyd has created a wonderful TNR here. I love it. Upon first watching the trailer, I hated the look of it. That may have been a product of FourFit releasing a day or so before it. We all know how that one looked. However, I took the plunge and got Restored. I now love it.

    No Gimmicks
    No sticky stuff
    No awful ending where the card is re-torn at the end (cough cough.)
    Each piece is shown before and after the restoration.
    The card can be handed out right away and the spectator can keep it as a souvenir.

    Cannot be signed (I'm very tired right now, but even so, I think a signed method may be possible with some compromise.)
    There is a setup.
    A D*** is in play. If need be I will take this out if it causes exposure.
    Cannot be done surrounded (Who cares?)

    As you can see, the pros out weigh the cons.
    It's a very, very good TNR.
    As I said in the Cons section, a d*** is in use.
    Maybe you don't want to use a d***. Don't.
    The effect then changes, but it can change to your advantage.
    How, you ask?
    Those of you who know how the effect works will understand this:
    Imagine doing a non gimmicked version of Mathieu Bich's TNR.
    That is entirely possible here.
    You can do the restoration normally and show the restored card as the selection as you restore it.
    Then right after the final restoration (which is the best and is not done under cover), flip the card around.
    The look on the spectators face will be priceless when they see the card has changed.

    All I can say is that Lloyd did a fantastic job.
    Well done, sir.


  2. Great review man! Like you, I hated the trailer too, but based on your review I will be sure and pick it up now. Although, how do you think this compares with FourFit?
  3. PM Lloyd. He will give you a method that can be used to have the card signed.

    Overall, I love this TnR and have been practicing for almost a week. Not difficult, but will take some time to look good, as most magic does. Love it.
  4. I most likely don't need to PM him. I'm just really tired and didn't feel like thinking of a way to do it while writing the review. It never crossed my mind to have it signed until I started writing this. There is no need to sign the card but magicians are idiots about that stuff.
  5. @MagicOfAdam: I don't own FourFit. I wish I did. Haha. Sorry man.

    Edit: Sorry for the double post.
  6. While I do agree that you don't need to worry about the signature, I do think that there might be situations where it would help to have the card signed. Personal preference I guess.
  7. I just don't feel the need to sign cards unless it's something like an ACR, which I never do anyway.
    Some effects call for it, but this one just isn't one of them.
    At least for me.
  8. I understand. Good effect though!
  9. Signing a card is drawing attention to it. If no attention is needed on the card then no signature is needed.

  10. While I don't disagree, what if they ask to sign the card? Yes, I know, there is an small chance, but it's still possible. I'm just trying to think of all possibilities.

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