Ring Magic?

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  1. Hello forums! I was just wondering if you guys out their had any suggestions for impromptu ring miracles thanks in advance!
  2. David Jade has a new DVD coming out soon you can see a preview of it on the wizard product review either from this week or last week. It is amazing
  3. Ring Thing - Garrett Thomas
    Ring Leader - Gregory Wilson
    You Ring? DVD - Ed Ellis
    Marcus Eddies new one at Ellusionist Ring Heist and Uturn.
  4. I have a trick I created I would be willing to share, it was for the Saturday night contest but I didn't get it in on time. PM me if you're interested.
  5. Ring Thing.
    De'vo's De'Ring is also very, very good. My friend does it all the time and it is AWESOME!
  6. 'My Precious' @ Vanishinginc, looks like a camera trick (In real life).
  7. The legendary Shimada (Luna's daddy) was known for doing a marvelous routine using his magnificent Dragon Ring -- he'd tell a story about the Dragon's journey, etc. all the while having it move about here and there.

    The secret to his wonderful bit of business (which I witnessed him do more than a couple of times) was the fact that he was a master at Thimble manipulations which were adapted to his work and control of the ring. Perhaps some time developing these rarely spoken of skills, could lead you towards similar outcomes.

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