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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by JustinClark, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. I got mine today, and to be frank. Im quite disappointed. I thought this would be the method and I hoped it wouldn't be. Don't get me wrong the effect is great. I was just hoping for a better method.

  2. Spoken like a true magician.
  3. I will use it. In fact I have performed it a few times, and love it. The method works fine. The effect is fantastic, in fact on the best. But I just hoped it were something else.

  4. As all magicians do, hope for some big new revolutionary idea, even when every product disappoints us for months on end we search for that new thing.
  5. That's a little contradictory, don't you think? What else do you really want?
  6. I wouldn't say all magicians, just the magic hobbyist. The magician/performers knows that its all about what the spectator experiences. Period.
  7. The spectator is number 2 in my mind. I do magic more for me, than I do for a spectator. The feeling of magic coursing through my veins, and the way people react is what I'm in it for.

  8. tattoo's ?

    i had this problem with wayne houchin's stigmatta. i am fully sleeved out on both arms with tattoo's. so, im sure a sharpie marker will be seen on my arms over my tattoo's, will the ink on my arms be distorted with the way this works? i have an idea as to how its done and i forsee this being a problem.
  9. So here's my question. I have an Ace of Hearts tattoo on my left forearm, would I be able to animate that as the deck of cards?
  10. And when you turn that around, and make the spectator #1 in your mind...THAT is when you will become a true working professional. Unless that is not your goal. Which in that case, so be it. :)

    Because as much as I love magic, there are a few tricks which I just HATE to perform...(Sponge Bunnines)...but you know what? At the bar I work at, the people love it. And I will KEEP doing it, so as long as I get paid to do so.

    I grabbed Rizer and had a hard time getting it to work for me for a few reasons. But I worked it out and have added it to my bar gig. So far the reactions are great. And as far as wearing it "all day"? Well, you are supposed to wear a longer sleeve shirt over top ANYWAY, so that isn't a problem for me.

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