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  1. Hey everyone,
    Just joined the forums and am in need of some help.

    In a weeks time, I am performing at my school in a street magic kind of style and environment. I am needing some advice on how to put tricks together, what type of tricks to put after another, and what kind of things to open and close a routine. The routine does not have to be too long. Throughout the routine, I will be talking about the psychology behind magic as I have been researching this as well.
    I am focusing more on card magic but have learnt a few sleights with coins as well.
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  2. Seems odd that your performing at school in a street magic kind of style. Is this at some sort of school function? In any case, we need more from you to go on.

    -How long have you been doing magic?
    -How long do you have to perform for?
    -Are you going to be moving around and doing stuff for different groups?
    -What kind of tricks do you already know how to perform?
    -What kind of sources are you currently learning from?
    -Apart from magic, what are your interests? Weave those into your presentations as they will make you a more genuine performer, and help draw interest to your magic.
  3. Yes it is a function, similar to a science fair type environment. People will be walking around looking at student's projects.

    - I have began properly pursuing magic since the beginning of this year.
    - I will be performing for roughly 50 minutes but will most likely want a routine 5-10 minutes long.
    - Possibly moving around, or people will be coming to me, I will most likely move around as to perform as much as possible.
    - I have learnt some controls and reveals that I use interchangeably, but also would like to learn some mini routines like ambitious card or something of a similar length.
    - I am learning from videos and forums at the moment and am planning on buying some books to start off reading.
    - Passionate about psychology which I will weave in and also making people laugh so I will try to joke with my audience as well.

    Hope this helps :)
  4. If you're performing for 50 minutes, and you want a routine that's 10 minutes long then you won't be performing all that much. I would suggest making maybe 2-3 sets of routines that are a few minutes long each and then cycling through them as you walk around (or having people come to you). We can dive into this a bit more later.

    I'm afraid that doesn't help me too much... Sleights, controls, reveals are like tools; you pick the best one for the job. You also dont want to be doing the same type of trick over and over again.
    i.e. They pick a card and you reveal it in some way.

    Are you opposed to buying something right now? Maybe spend a few dollars on a lecture or download to help get some tricks under your belt?

    The first thought that came to mind was Do as I Do. You can present it as a psychological experiment where if two people do the same thing at the same time, it produces extraordinary results (or whatever you like, make it your own).

    Out of this World is a great closer, and it has amazing potential for psychological themed presentations.

    Eight Card Brainwave, the way I first learned it, is presented as a psychological experiment. It's a fantastic opener.

    If I were you, this where I would go:

    It's not expensive, and you will learn everything I mentioned in the best way possible.

    I hope this is a good start!
  5. Thank you! I will be sure to check these out and have a look at the psychology themed ones as well :)

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