Saturday Night Contest - 10

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 2, 2017.

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  2. happy 10 T11
    Good luck to everyone

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  3. Let's hope for another 10 years ;)

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  6. Something may be wrong with you link maaz, it doesnt seem to open at all. Both in the ap and on the web. Click on the link and check that the link works. (I dunno maybe it just doesnt work for me and it will work for you guys
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  7. Thanks! I had a feeling this would happen. Idk why it does, so I just uploaded it as a google file. Can you see this one?
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  8. Yes i can see it now! And wow yours is very creative! I think you or rise above willwin this one. Good job!
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  9. If i dont win this one and im sure i wont then it will be a pain in the a to buy this effect. Bc to ship it to turkey then pay the 20% fee it will cost me about 130 dollars. Yay /s !
  10. And some of you guys didnt put your photo in instagram and one of you (cant remember who) didnt put the hashtag. Just read the op carefully guys. You wont have a chance to even get you photo CONCIDERED to be ranked. Just saying.
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  12. I think it's fine... the community & judges aren't usually nit picky about this stuff. Furthermore, some people don't have an insta, so they upload it directly, or through another medium, like google.
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  13. Wow a lot of good entries!!
    I worked a lot on lighting and composition this time!
    Hope you guys like it, I will post it directly bc instagram usually mess up with the resolution, if it is mandatory to post on instagram please let me know Casey.

    Good luck Everyone!

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  17. IMG_2130.JPG

    I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but I've clearly without a doubt swept this week! It's Not even close....
  18. Alright guys, time for results! Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate our 10 year anniversary - we truly appreciate your continued support over the years and can't wait to celebrate many more. Without further hesitation, let's get into the results.

    Very tough to choose the winner this week, but we feel that this winner showcased all the criteria the best overall, and was the most memorable photo. Congrats to constantine4852 for taking home this week's prize! Please send an email to our support team with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP.

    We would also like to extend a few honorable mentions to Khaleel Olaiky and Kaan Akdogan for making this one extremely close. You guys did great work!

    See you all on Saturday for a new contest!

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