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  1. I like it man, it takes quite a bit of talent and practice to draw like that. Wish I could; nice job though.
  2. Thank you for the feedback my friend, have you entered yet? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Good luck!! :D
  3. I've been doing for 8 years^^
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    Here it is! I sing Brooklyn, by Woodkid.
    Please excuse my friend that plays the violin ;)
    Did it with my heart, I hope you enjoy!
  5. While I don't have this talent currently on video, it is something that I devote about 35 hours a week to.

    I am currently training 5-6 hours a day and running 125 miles per week. This is a picture of the results from the last 5k that I ran, which was 14:33 (3.1 miles), this equates to about 4:39 per mile.

    I am part of a national championship team that has won nearly 30 national titles in cross country alone.

    It's fun to see everyone's other talents!

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  6. Here's 2 drawings I made :)
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