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  1. Hey guys! Hope you all are having a fantastic start to the weekend. As we posted on Instagram this past week, in the past 90 days, theory11 packages have traveled a total of 12.2 million miles! That's crazy! This is where theory11 has been spread all over the world:

    To celebrate this milestone, we want to see where theory11 has traveled to - specifically, YOUR CITY.

    All you have to do is take a picture showcasing theory11 products or decks in a particular landmark or location in YOUR city. Simply use a photo sharing website such as Instagram or Imgur, and hashtag the photo with #theory11 and the name of your city. Once you have posted the image online, post the link to your image in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, April 13th. You have 24 HOURS to participate.

    How will we judge this week's contest? Overall impact - in particular, our overall favorite photo, based on visual style, focus, quality, and overall composition. Doesn't mean you have to have any fancy equipment - many of the Instagram photos we post at theory11 are taken with an ordinary iPhone.

    What can you take home this week? 1,000 Elite Points, and a 6-pack of ANY deck that we have in stock, shipped to you on the house.

    We can't wait to see where we have landed all over the world. Show us where you represent theory11!
  2. I like this one, multiple entries?
  3. I wish I had something T11 to take a photo of :(
  4. you can submit up to two, but we are looking more for quality over quantity. Looking forward to seeing your entries!
  5. Hopefully I can get a good photo soon!
  6. Literally ANY deck?
  7. Can you choose to mix and match decks?
  8. Here is my entry I'm sorry I didn't take the picture in a land mark because I have an exam today so I took the picture at my home
  9. I dont live in a city, dose it still count if it is not specifically a land mark?
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    2 entries: These are both taken in pelting rain in Boston, MA. :)

    Directly in front of the John Hancock Building, the tallest building in Boston:

    Near the John Hancock Building, as well as the Trinity Church, close to where the Boston Marathon Bombing occured:

    I'd like these photos to be a tribute for those killed and wounded at that site, nearly a year ago.
    Good luck everyone!

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