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Saturday Night Contest - Backstage Pass

Aug 2, 2011
If I am not wrong, that is not a pass or a shift...

I guess it's more of a control. It's called the losing Control by lee Asher. It doesn't translate in video well because it's kind of an optical thing. I understand that it's not a normal pass, but it does involve switching two halves of the deck. Take it how you want, I thought it was worth a shot.
Dec 29, 2011
Its a little bit of a mix between your normal Herrman, turnover and Practical pass.

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Aug 10, 2012
Here is my entry:

A table shift which I believe is original. I would love to do this face up but you wouldn't see much since the slug is shifted to the bottom and it uses a cover card. So this is a mixture of a "cover-longitudinal-half" pass/shift....hence the Untitled Pass/Shift.
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