Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

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  1. For this week's Saturday Night Contest, we wanted to make it a fun one that everyone can participate in. We missed the chance to do a Halloween themed SNC by one day, so here's our alternative. This past week the main t11 hq moved to Las Vegas - so we're here now and having a great time. JB and I will be leaving the office in 5 minutes to go to a batting cage a few minutes away. And therein lies tonight's challenge.

    Both JB and I will be given a total of 11 pitches a piece. Your challenge tonight is to guess how many hits each of us makes. The first person to correctly guess amount of hits that BOTH of us makes wins the prize - you must be accurate for both of us. If no one guesses both scores correctly, we'll take the first person that gets our individual scores correct (therefore there would be two winners in that scenario).

    Submissions of your guesses should be in the form of something like "JB: 9 / 11 hits || Andrei: 3 / 11 hits." Limit of one score submission per member. To give you a bit of a hint and clue - I was the MVP of my kindergarten t-ball league, and JB was voted Most Improved on his 3rd grade baseball team for special children. We are both far from MLB calibre baseball players, but tonight, we're going to give it our best shot.

    We will each be given three practice swings before the 11 count begins. Good luck with your submissions. Winner tonight takes home one set of Smoke & Mirrors, shipped on the house.
  2. JB: 6/11 || Andrei: 10/11
  3. JB: 5/11, Andrei: 6/11

    Easy contest! Now I don't have to be rushing for time. :)
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    jb- 5/11

    aj- 7/11

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  5. JB: 8/11 Andrei: 10/11
  6. JB:5/11 || Andrei: 7/11
  7. How many times can we guess?
  8. JB: 5/ 11 hits || Andrei: 9/ 11 hits
  9. This is interesting. JB is clumsy (or seems it), so he'll be lower. Andrei is athletic, so will probably do good.
  10. i miss read the challenge before. im an idiot i know
  11. JB: 7/11 || Andrei: 8/11
  12. John: 7/11
    Andrei: 9/11
  13. JB: 6/11 Andrei: 7/11
  14. JB 4/11
    Andrei 6/11
  15. JB: 4 / 11 hits
    Andrei: 5 / 11 hits.
  16. jb 7/11 Andrei 6/11
  17. jb: 3

    Andrei: 5
  18. Jb: 2/11
    aj: 11/11
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    JB: 3/11, Andrei: 6/11
  20. JB: 5/11

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