Saturday Night Contest - Captured in Landscape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, May 6, 2017.

  1. After waiting all day and having a nice drive with my daughter, we watched the sun set over Western Australia. The perfect spot to play with a deck of cards.
  2. This is actually pretty clever and funny!!
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  3. I think...that the only outdoor shot I can actually take right now is rain and water puddles...
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  5. It took two days recording :/
  6. And just so you know. In the Effect, there is nothing to do with squaring the deck, the dirty work was done was before that...
  7. This was hillarious, hope you win
  8. I am really happy you guys like my image. I was afraid since I took the photo on my iPhone I had to convert the photo on messenger so the file would be small enough to post here. I thought the resolution would not be perfect because of this. However I am proud with the final result and I'm happy you guys enjoy it too.

    Good luck everyone!!!
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  9. Hey guys, just wanted to chime in and ask to please refrain from posting about off-topic subjects that don't relate to the contest or the entries. Feedback for moves are better suited for another thread. Thanks!
  10. A beautiful day in Birmingham?
    Now that's magic.
  11. Ha yeah, I'm sure it'll be back to it's normal dreary day tomorrow lol
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