Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MichaelJames, Dec 1, 2012.

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  2. The OP said the contest is over at 7:30 pm EDT, but Daylight Savings Time is over ... Did he mean EST?
  3. So did I miss something completely or has the winner not been posted? I cant be the only person wondering where an update is right?
  4. No, we're still waiting.
  5. Hey everyone,

    We're still going through submissions so we are absolutely sure which entry showcases the guidelines the best. These are very difficult contests to judge, as there are hundreds of photos to go through! Thanks for your patience.

  6. ***Contest is over!***

    Whoa, we had tons of submissions! I really enjoyed looking through all the various photos - you guys are incredibly creative. I wish there could be more than one winner because there were A LOT of photos I wanted to choose as the winner. However, there can only be one.

    The winner of this week's SNC is angeobscur with his Rebel photo. Not only was his submission a beautiful photo, but also super original and artistic. Our team loved this photo and all felt it was a winner. Angeobscur! Send your shipping info to support and we'll send you your free brick!

    A couple noteworthy mentions that were also some of my favorites were jaqkc's Steampunk, alecmagician's Guardian, nowoczes's Archangel, philgoretrout's Sentinel, bentleyburn's Aristocrat, azukinimagician's Jaqk, joshtylerclarke's Bicycle, and wolfmans_brotha's Sentinel.

    Thank you all so much for entering. Have a brilliant week!

  7. Congrats to Angeobscur! Enjoy the beautiful cards! Can't believe I got a noteworthy mention!
  8. I knew that was going to be the winner, great job man!!!! Thanks a lot for the honorable mention for myself and the Lamar Magic Club!!!
  9. Congratulations angeobscur!
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    I'm speechless. Don't know what to say:)
    Message with shipping info was sent. Is one Collector's Edition box included ? :)
    Thanks and have nice day to everyone

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