Saturday Night Contest - Card Plots With No Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Here is my entry it's This That and Other Ninja style (thought of it very little ago so sorry if the script isn't that great)

    sorry about the first slide I need to fix it (I put it up in a big rush)
  2. my video will upload in 30 mins! I hate vimeo! I will post it anyway.
    My video is almost done processing, but here is the link. It's a Jay Sankey trick from his Supernatural DVD. When I read the description of the contest, I remembered Jay talking about how he likes to take tricks with cards and eliminate the cards.
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  5. lets see whos the winner.
  6. I was hoping to see more vids that did not use 'card-like objects' or 'coin-like objects' just in place of cards. :-/
  7. Alright guys, time for the moment of truth. It was a very difficult decision because of all the great entries we received. Chris Kenner, Dan White, and myself looked over all the entries, and came to a unanimous decision.

    For Honorable Mention, we'd like to extend a huge thanks to Zenn_Darkfire for his submission HERE. Excellent use of Chris's Sloppy Shuffle Triumph! Enjoyable to watch, and great performance.

    And now for the winner. This guy always brings cool and neat ideas to these SNCs, and we enjoyed watching all of his entries tonight. Let's all give a round of applause for chrisweihl for his submission HERE! All of your entries were fantastic, but the Tic Tac Change won us over the most. Keep up the amazing magic, and thanks to all of YOU for participating!

    Chris, PM me with what downloads you would like to receive. You've earned it!

    See you all next time for another awesome SNC!
  8. Awesome! haha I didn't think I'd even make honorable mention =] Congrats Chris!

    thanks Casey, Dan, and Chris for the mention!
  9. how does torn and restored chocolate sound?

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