Saturday Night Contest - Celebrating Copperfield!

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  1. My favorite is making the Statue of Liberty disappear because the only things I can make vanish are cards, coins, and potato chips.
  2. The flying illusion, because He flew all over the place and in boxes, because it just seems impossible
  3. Floating rose. Because it's so simple, unexpected, and almost romantic - but then boom, real rose at the end. Double whammy!
  4. I'm gonna have to go with the cocoon trick where he switches places with an assistant. The basic plot of two objects switching places had always been a favorite of mine. I perform it with two playing cards and it creates a really magical moment. Performing it with two people is a whole other level of magicalness. It's done so smoothly with great music and will always be one of my favorites.
  5. I was initially going to go with this one too. It is so beautifully done.
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  6. My all time favorite is Grandpa's Aces, the effect is half the reason of why it's great, the story behind it is what makes it Magic. He's a true showman and reminds of all of the one person that introduced us to magic.
  7. Pitch me with in the pile of people who picked the Statue of Liberty vanish.

    It's my first real memory of magic. I mean, maybe not really. Maybe I remember the local "Burger King" restaurant magician before him, or maybe that came after. Maybe I remember my Dad showing me a really basic card effect before that. Or maybe that came after.

    All I know is, I for sure remember my Dad sitting in his chair. My Mom lying on the couch. Me lying on my stomach, in front of the television, comic book before me for reading during the commercials.

    The camera shots of the crowds, I remember.

    The announcer, commentator, whomever, I don't really remember. I do kind of remember the hairstyles, though. They were big. Such were the times.

    But what I remember best was the buildup. The final moments, the countdown before it happened. The vanishing. I remember wondering, what would happen if it didn't? I mean it wouldn't, really. The Statue of Liberty. It's couldn't. It just...

    I have a sense that I held my breath.

    And then... it happened.

    The Statue of Liberty, at least for the moment, was gone.

    And life shifted. In that moment, it was like showing a kid behind the curtain by not showing him behind the curtain.

    By showing him the impossible, David Copperfield successfully demonstrated just what might be possible.

    And I remain as I was that day. Forever changed.
  8. Ambitious card. Like how?
  9. As mentioned before the grandpas aces is just breathtaking to me. I love the elegance, the presentation and simplicity of the routine. Just how all the little pieces came together and made it flow like a river. Not only that but because this is the first trick that sparked my interest in magic and i owe my constant state of childlike wonder to him happy birthday to one of the greats!!!
  10. Well although all of his grand illusions are mesmerizing and they still give me a chill whenever i watch any of those but for me one of his close up trick is the one thats my favorite, it goes by the name of grandpa's aces on the internet, this trick alone is the reason I got into magic, before coming across this trick I always used to think magic involves a lot of money to learn, you'll need stage props assistants and what not, this is the trick that introduced me to the genre of close up magic and made me realize how beautiful close up magic can be, and in the process of trying to learn this trick I got into card magic, its been 6 to 8 years since I began my journey and I believe ppl who too tried to do this trick would agree with me, that although now I know how this trick was done, but there is just one move that I still can't figure it out, how it was done

  11. David Copperfield...Oh where to start! He has been the pinnacle of modern magic for a long time, and since I first set eyes on his baffling magic, I have never been able to turn away. His mesmerising performances, his fantastic subtleties e.g the radar in "Vanishing the Statue of Liberty", his overall showmanship and his brilliant attitude to entertainment, are what makes David such an inspiration. We have so much to learn from him.
    I am still quite young, so I never saw David on prime-time television, but I was watching a show about the world's most famous illusions, and that really kickstarted my fascination with Copperfield. I spent hours after hours just watching clips of his tricks on YouTube. My personal favourite is when he takes flight. However cheesy the introduction seems to most, I found it beautiful. In the air, it has an amazing buildup, which seems to cancel out each theory of "wires" or "some kind of a machine" when each section begins.
    This is why David Seth Kotkin (his real name) means so much to magic as a whole.
  12. The Grandpa's Aces, for sure. A close up routine brought to the stage, and with great intensity.
  13. David Copperfields flying illusion. All of us dreamed of having the ability to fly when we were young. David Copperfield made his dream a reality.
  14. Growing up, I have always looked up to David Copperfield’s work, and how the struggles he faced during the early years of his life led up to the living legend he is today. He is an inspiration to us all, especially those aspiring magicians. My brother being the eldest and the first magician in the family showed me this stunt of Copperfield and I was literally flabbergasted. This effect sparked my interest in magic and I owe him, as I'm sure millions around the world do too as well. He is an revolutionary illusionist, and I would like to wish him a very happy birthday on my behalf.​
    Although all his work is truly phenomenal, my favorite is the one where he survived the Niagara Falls in 1990. This illusion (or miracle) in particular strikes me the most due to it’s formidable nature. Copperfield has his arms and legs chained to an axle and his body restrained in a yellow raft. Burning spikes beneath him, suspended by nothing but chains, Copperfield is then dropped from 500 feet into the water above the Niagara Falls. There is a jet ski attached to the raft contraption and he has less than 60 seconds to escape before falling over the edge of the whitewater rapids, with a vertical drop of 167 feet. A minute after his raft falls over, we see him alive and well, dangling from a helicopter’s rope. I remember the little girl in me silently cheering him on, even though prior to that he was unheard of to me; his personality was just so so charismatic and capturing. I even let a squeaky, and sorta embarrassing "YAY" after seeing him accomplish his mission.

    That was not only a nail-biting stunt to watch, but it also leaves the viewer in awe of the world of illusion. It demands us to question our own being, and what the human mind and body is capable of.

    What a guy !​
  15. Portal! For it's fairness, build up, and overall presentation!
  16. statue of liberty disappearing is by far my favourite
  17. David Copperfield has been my most inspirational magician, and to boil down to just one illusion or effect of his is just impossible. The vanishing jet, Portal, Flying, etc just wow

    His initiations and philanthropy has been so great with projects such as "Project Magic" and UNICEF project.

    Hats off.

    For the sake of the competition though: Vanishing Statue of Liberty. Hats off.

    Happy Birthday, "Magic Man" !
  18. Disappearing the Statue of Liberty of course because everyone tried to do their version of it and nobody could have ever done it like Copperfield did. and they even created a post card gimmick depending on it that is just awesome.
  19. Congratz David!
    It is not much of an illusion, but my favorite is floating rose trick. I use it in every show I have.
  20. The laser illusion. It's a grand illusion that gives the illusion of having no props. When I saw the top half of his body slide off and the end and he hopped off stage grabbing onto his legs my mind exploded. I've seen people sawed in half hundreds of times, and then I saw this.... WOW!

    And then when I learned how it works... GENIUS!!!!

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