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  1. Floating Rose for sure!
    An effect where emotions blend perfectly with magic, leaving spectators with no words to say. That's my favourite reaction you can possibly get, because at the end people are more than fooled: they are intrigued, they have a connection with what they now don't consider a trick, but a beautiful, unforgettable experience.
  2. I know I'll take heat for this as it is, I believe, a marketed illusion now. But, the 'Floating Rose' was the strongest piece of magic I'd ever seen. It was more than just the effect, it was the performance..having a spectator brought up for it. That is the earliest magic I remember from when I was just coming up. I realize he became legendary for flying, walking through the Great Wall and the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty. The Floating Rose just struck a cord with me as a child. Despite the trauma I'd already experienced at such a young age, that 'simple' effect gave me that little bit of escape and wonder..
    Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone. .Cheers.
  3. For those interested in the 'Statue of Liberty' trick. Tenyo Magic has a miniaturized version called 4D Surprise by Lubor Fiedler. It was actually inspired by he large scale fear and made miniaturized. And Lubor is a madman in magic inventing, so it's a good one. It's rather brilliant.
    As far as my favorite. Gotta go with TIDES.
    I'm not the biggest fan of stage magic, but when Copperfield does smaller scale miracles. They are nothing short of amazing.
  4. Personally, my vote goes to the laser illusion. As I recall, it was one of the very first illusions that I saw; a person's torso impossibly separated from their legs at the waist. Not only was it one of the first illusions I remember seeing, it was an illusion that stuck with me, and inspired me to delve deeper into magic as a whole.
  5. My favourite effect of his is when he made the statue the liberty disappear because to me it is mind blowing and gives me inspiration and the mind set that anything is truly possible.
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  6. Vanishing the Statue of Liberty because it had never been done. It's the first thing I can think of when I think of David Copperfield.
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  7. The murder on the train trick where he interacted with you through the screen. These are some of my first memories with magic. The fact that he spoke to you through the screen and was able to find which train car your finger was on was amazing for me.
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  8. Recently, one of my favorites has been the car appearance that he does in his stage show. Last year, as my graduation present, my father and I took a trip to Vegas. We saw Copperfield's show and it was definitely the highlight of our trip and something I'll never forget! As someone who's been in magic for quite some time, I have a pretty good idea of how most stage illusions work, however, seeing it in person, in the second row at the show, I was genuinely fooled. It was by far THE BEST magic show I've ever seen and if you haven't seen his show yet, you absolutely must!
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  9. David Copperfield vanishing the Statue of Liberty. That's what people will always remember him for.
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  10. As soon as I read the question my first thought was "Obviously when he disappeared the statue of liberty." I never watched very many of his tricks, but out of the ones that I did that was, by far, my favorite.
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  11. Not sure why, but something about making the statue of liberty disappear seemed a little... oh i don't know... magical. Here's to an inspiration to the world of magic becoming yet another year young!
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  12. Going through the Great Wall for me. One of my earliest memories of magic.
  13. Flight is just an amazing performance. I have always been baffled by levitation illusions, and the performance along with music make it so much better.
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  14. The statue of liberty was an amazing trick because of its huge size.
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  15. I love when he made the plane disappear. Seeing it for the first time gripped me with its impossibility and his enthusiasm, voice and showmanship made me feel I was watching real magic!
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  16. Brett's Tenyo even manages it's way into a David Copperfield contest. How surprising /s
  17. I'll go with the Statue of Liberty too. It was one of the first illusions that made me realize that you can do anything with magic. When somebody revealed the method to me, I liked it even more! I was amazed by the cleverness and attention to detail that it made me think of everything when performing magic.
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  18. Thanks everyone for participating this week! We have chosen one member at random to take home this week's prize, and that member is Jebzy! Congrats! Please contact our support team to claim your prize!

    See you guys on Saturday for a new contest!
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  19. Congrats Jebzy!
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  20. Congratulations Jebzy!!
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