Saturday Night Contest - CFP Championship Prediction!

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  1. Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Monday night is the CFP National Championship, which will determine who will become the champion of NCAA College Football. The winner of this game takes it all, and the Clemson Tigers will either reclaim their title, or the LSU Tigers will claim their first CFP National Championship.

    The challenge this week is to correctly predict the winner and the score of the National Championship game. The two teams competing are the Clemson Tigers and the LSU Tigers. The format of your prediction should look like this:

    Winner: Winner's score - Loser's score

    Clemson Tigers: 47-38

    Each member gets two predictions each. Post your predictions in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 8:00pm EST on Monday, January 13th (the game's kickoff). Once time is up, all predictions after will be disqualified. Once the game is over, we will go through all the predictions and decide on a winner based on who was the first member to correctly guess the winner and score, or who came the closest.

    What will the winner receive? 1,000 Elite Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, and 6 Decks of Your Choice (they have to be currently in stock)!

    Good luck! And Go Tigers!
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  2. Clemson Tigers: 48-34
    LSU Tigers: 43-29

    Good Luck Everyone!!
  3. Clemson Tiger: 52 - 13

    LSU Tigers: 48 - 24

    Are these event realistic numbers? I have 0 understanding of American football!
  4. I know nothing about college football but here we go!

    Prediction 1
    Clemson Tigers 37-30

    Prediction 2
    LSU Tigers 35-31
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  5. LSU Tigers: 44 - 15

    Clemson Tigers: 47 - 23
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  6. LSU Tigers: 42-27

    Clemson Tigers: 35-34
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  7. LSU Tigers: 37-30

    Clemson Tigers: 27-19
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  8. Everyone has gone one win for each team.
    I believe in LSU.

    LSU Tigers: 28-21

    LSU Tigers: 41-24

    Good luck all
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  9. Prediction 1
    Clemson: 35
    LSU: 30

    Prediction 2
    Clemson: 32
    LSU: 38
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  10. Tigers 38 (LSU)
    Tigers 34 (Clemson)

    Tigers 37 (LSU)
    Tigers 31 (Clemson)
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  11. got zero interest in sports so i got no dog in this fight. good luck to all.
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  12. I know nothing about football

    Prediction 1
    Clemson Tigers 34-31

    Prediction 2
    LSU Tigers 45-35
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  13. Clemson Tiger: 42 - 13

    LSU Tigers: 35- 14
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  14. Clemson Tigers 24 - 7
    LSU Tigers 32- 30
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  15. #1 Clemson Tigers 39-35

    #2 LSU Tigers 44-39
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  16. Clemson 37- 20

    LSU 28- 24
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  17. Lsu:48

    Never in my life have I ever watched football, save for one game, at which my sister was cheering
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  18. Clemson Tigers: 43-25
    LSU Tigers: 33-22
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  19. Clemson Tigers: 36-28

    LSU Tigers: 32-22
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  20. #1 Clemson Tigers: 21-6

    #2 Clemson Tigers: 28-14
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