Saturday Night Contest - Dimitri Arleri Roundtable

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  1. anyone can be a pro in cardistry?
    what defining the difficulty of a flourish?
    which is the proper state of the deck to flourish?
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    1. Why the production of Monument took 18 months?
    2. Is video editing really important or an amazing skill makes it unnecessary?
    3. What do you do when you can't do a flourishe and you feel disapointed ? You take a break, work on another,...?
  3. To create the this move you need a lot of time or just the minute improvisation made the move ?
    And how do you have style "malformation" on cardistry ?
  4. How is your training day about cardistry?
  5. Describe the process of shooting the DVDs
    What type of finish do you prefer on playing cards
    What got you started in cardistry as supposed to magic
  6. How far can you throw a card?
    Do you practice to music? If so, which artists and albums?
    The Prestige or The Illusionist?
  7. How long have you been flourishing?
    Where did you learn the basics of flourishing?
    Are you into magic?
  8. Questions

    What is the difference between working for theory 11 compared to other companies (Ellusionist, etc)
  9. 1. can you explaine your creative process in cardistry ?
    2. who is your favorites cardist ?
    3. what dou you think about indonesian card artis ?

  10. 1) how do you know whether you've mastered a move or not ?
    2) how do you know whether your move is 'completed' (ready for release etc)
    3) when you create a flourish , do you look into a mirror while creating (to see if the move looks nice when people see it and see from which angles it will best from) or do you not use a mirror ?
    thank you !!!
  11. As a self proclaimed "cardist," I consider myself an artist. After attending a lecture by Ta Na Manga this past summer, I held on to their concept of how every form of art influence each other in some way. In your mind, has any other kind of artform influenced your card flourishing at all? If so, which ones and how?
  12. Where (outside of magic/cardistry) do you get inspiration from?
  13. Hey Dimitri!

    Which up and coming cardist do you think will be the next big hit in the flourishing community?

    What do you prefer when it comes to creating your own moves: is it better to be jamming with other Cardists and getting inspiration from their ideas to create OR completely isolating yourself to make original moves?

    And finally, which Cardists have influenced you the most throughout your time flourishing?
  14. -How did you get started into this job?

    -When you want to make a new effect or flourish do you start thinking of what you want to do? or do you combine methods until you make something happen?

  15. Your moves are so out-of-the-box from the normal stuff, how do you get these ideas and how do you perfect them?
  16. How did you get into cardistry? Did you start out in magic and just discover you could do it?
  17. What is the history of your flourish "moulen rouge"
    Why entitle your dvd "Monument"?
    What is the difference between your dvd and other cardistry project out there?
  18. 1. For how long have you been doing cardistry?
    2. Are you into magic also?
    3. What according to you is the best stock and finish for a deck of cards for flourishing?
  19. What is your favourite memory from making this project ?

    Who's the funniest member you worked with from Theory 11 ?

    What's your favourite item sold on Theory 11 website, besides your DVD ?
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    1. What goes through your head once you have created and perfected a flourish how does that make you feel, what emotions does that bring to you ?

    2. Do you think that cardistry is a ART?

    3. Why cardistry why didn't you decide to take up coin
    Magic, card magic or sponge balls why cardistry what fascinates you the most about it?

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