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  1. my entry to the saturrday night contest

    Hi everybody here is my entry, i dont think this is enough to fool Jason Englad, but anyway i must try, good look everybody, and im sorry for the bad video quality :p
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    Here's my entry:
    Special appearances by: Vertigo, blindfolds, spitting cards, and - absolutley. no. skill.

    Also: as far as I know: all moves are original. (as. far. as. I. know.)
  3. Can this be done with the entire deck retained, i.e. new deck order?
  4. Great work tonight everyone! We had some fantastic entries. There can be, however, only one winner. One entry impressed us above all others. This person was smooth and refined. The routine was not overdone. Most importantly, if we didn't know what he was doing from having experience in sleight of hand, we would have had no idea what we had been shammed.

    Tonight's winner is Jecoa! Congratulations! Shoot me a PM and I will hook you up with your brand new six pack of Monarchs!

    Thanks again everyone! We will see you all next week!
  5. aww anywys congrats!

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