Saturday Night Contest - Fake Exposure

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Attempt Number 2. Lets hope Vimeo doesn't take 20 minutes to upload this thing..

    3 more minutes before it's finished in cue

    See my reply below for video
  2. fixed, it's in my original post. And thanks for the notification.
  3. Here is mine. [video][/video]
  4. Sorry

    hey guys, Sorry I entered the same vid three times. It was not showing up here. :)
  5. Thank you sir!
  6. I'm short on time tonight, but here was my attempt. I only had time for one take and it was a bit of a fail, but we laughed pretty hard. Maybe you had to be here. ;)
  7. Umm, so I'm not sure if the video has to be uploaded today like other SNCs, but if they don't, HERE'S my entry.
  8. Yay! My video is live now. have a look now JB. [video=vimeo;25294449][/video]
  9. [video=youtube;sTfsbM_Td7w][/video]
    I'm jumping on the bandwagon and revealing ref4m.
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  11. Sorry People im new to tumblr since Zenn entered my post will it still count and also thanks Zenn.
  12. Jonathan, will you wait for me for like 2 minutes? My internet went down when I was uploading. Thanks!
  13. No problem =] I'm new to Tumblr as well lol

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