Saturday Night Contest: Freestyle Cardistry

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  3. Hey everyone!

    The contest has ended and we've reviewed all the entries. I was seriously impressed by the submissions we received. It was a really tough decision, but one person stood out among the rest.

    The winner of this weekend's SNC is mads655b! His impeccable speed, agility, and precision blew us away. Congrats mads655b on winning yourself a brick of Players by Daniel Madison shipped on the house. Send a message to support with your shipping address and we'll send it right out.

    Along with the winner, we were very impressed with several other submissions. We wanted to mention a few noteworthy runner ups:
    Tobias Levin TheFlyjoker and BCardician all had very strong entries as well.

    Thank you everyone who participated in this week's SNC! It was awesome seeing you guys free styling!


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