Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. king of spades
    king of hearts
    ace of diamonds
  2. ace of diamonds
    queen of clubs
    10 of hearts
  3. 7 of diamonds
    4 of hearts
    jack of spades
  4. Six of clubs
    Five of Hearts
    Jack of Diamonds
  5. Okay, why you guys still posting responses, they already announced the winner!
  6. King of clubs
    Ace of Hearts
    Jack of Diamonds
  7. j of clubs k of hearts and ace of spadse
  8. Alas! The contest has ended just like the previous ones and I didn't even get a chance to enter it! Again NOT Fair.
  9. 6 of dimonds 4 of clubs 1 hearts
  10. Jack of spades
    Ace of spades
    Nine of spades
  11. Ace of clubs (11), Ace of spades (1), 9 of spades
  12. jack of spades,4 of hearts,7 of clubs-------------------7 of hearts,7 of diamonds,7 of clubs------------------jack of clubs, jack of spades, ace of clubs
  13. J diamonds
    7 clubs
    4 hearts
  14. 64,2% chance that one of us has the correct answer :)
    My guess is that one of us have the right combination :)
    Good luck
  15. K spades
    9 spades
    2 hearts
  16. 9 diamons
    8 clabs
    4 biamons
  17. 10 of ♣

    8 of ♥

    3 of ♣
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