Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Green!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    In my hands I am holding a deck of 52 cards. 51 of the cards are Monarch's. One of the cards is a GREEN card from the Bicycle Eco Edition deck. Your challenge tonight? Guess which card is green!

    There are 52 possibilities, and the FIRST person to correct identify which card I have randomly replaced with a green back card takes home the prize. Use your best mentalism skills and mind reading abilities to make a prediction: which card is it?

    Just leave your guess in a reply below. Limit 1 entry per person. All entries must be received by 11:00pm EST tonight in response to THIS forum thread.

    The first person to guess correctly will take home a fresh deck of Monarch's as well as a SIX pack of the fresh new Sentinels, back in stock and available this coming Monday.

    UPDATE :: This contest has ended, and we have a winner! See the results here.
  2. 3 of diamonds
  3. 6 of diamonds
  4. 17 of Shamrocks!!! (Or the Ace of Spades)
  5. 9 of hearts
  6. queen of hearts
  7. Four of clubs
  8. 2 of spades
  9. My guess is....the 4 hearts
  10. obviously it's the 6 of hearts
  11. 3 of hearts
  12. 6 of clubs
  13. 7 of clubs
  14. Jack of diamonds

    Jack of diamonds
  15. 8 of diamonds :)

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