Saturday Night Contest - Halloween Edition!

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  1. ok thanks alot mate :D

    so i did it right?? mynes the one above with the theory 11 logo as the eyes???
  2. SNL Entry!

    Hi all,

    This is going to my submission for this years Halloween SNL contest! I think this carving captures a magician's greatest asset and equipment, the magician's assistant!

    With the help of an assistant magic can be so much more powerful!

    I hope you like my entry and good luck to everyone that else that enters, happy Halloween everyone! :)

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    Houdini Pumpkin

    Hello All -

    Below is my entry. It is a representation of Houdini's suspended straightjacket escape. Good luck everyone and Happy Halloween!

    HoudiniPumpkin by KirbyCreations, on Flickr


  4. That's Brilliant!
  5. here is mine it didnt turn out quite how i would of liked it but here it is any way
  6. I love this one.
    Great job!
  7. Contest Entry

    Well I only have my iPhone currently, and my laptop is broke. So I posted my entry on the Facebook page. It's the one by John Perkins of a Wizard. Sorry that I can't get it onto the forums guys!! : /
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    hey guys :D
    im just uploading some more pics of my pumpkin ive not changed enything on there just added a few more candles to make it brighter....... here it is :D

    googd luck to all the orther contestants !!
  10. here is my entry. i skeleton holding a 3 of pumpkins. and there's a spade carved around it the card.

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  11. ahaha nice one!
    I like it!

    good luck lol
  12. Hi everyone! Here's my submission for tonight's SNC. I'm not much of a carver, so I did a simple Clubs-Diamonds-Hearts-Spades design. Then I decided to go a little further ;)

    Hope you like it, good luck to the rest!
  13. Alright so long story short I couldn't get a pumpkin but really wanted to enter this contest, so I carved an orange. It didn't go as great as I had hoped but I hope you enjoy. I tried to make a carving based on the famous "Zig Zag Girl" illusion. Pardon the horrible-ness, but I thought it would be a cool idea.

    image201110310001.jpg image201110310005.jpg
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  15. Quiet in here. I thought there would be a ton of entries. Thanks for the feedback Eostresh and DannyT.
  16. I like it!
  17. Alright guys, time for the results! Very sorry for the long wait. It was very tough for our panel of judges, including myself, to come to a winner. The amount of creativity and skill you guys have is beyond us; you guys truly show up to the plate, ready to rock.

    After intense judging, we have decided that the winner of this Halloween's SNC goes to Kirby for his tribute to Houdini (Upside down Straight Jacket Escape). Very clever, unique, and creative. It blew all of us away and you deserve the prize! Please send over your theory11 account email and mailing address over to me via PM so I can get your Monarch Deck out to you ASAP!

    Honorable Mentions go out to Crede, goatears, and shutupdangit for their unique and creative entries. You guys made the competition really tough!

    Thanks for participating guys. It's all of you that make these contests truly remarkable. See you guys later on this week!
  18. I thought his had it, it was really really good :D Congrats!

    Hope there's something like this again. It was a ton of fun, and very easily doable. Thanks for the great contest T11! See you next week maybe :)
  19. As Casey said, this was an outstanding contest with a ton of skill, creativity, and something a little outside the box. I loved the designs that kept coming in. Nicely done!

    Congrats Kirby...

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