Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday Andrei

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  1. Hope everyone had a very happy New Year! We've got big things in store for 2014, and we can't wait to reveal the mystery. But for now, and today, it's time to celebrate. Today is Andrei Jikh's birthday - cardistry super ninja, our vp of production at theory11, and an absolute creative genius.

    A little about Andrei: on July 17th, 2008, Andrei posted a video called THE'ME in our media section. It was a Thursday in Las Vegas, and by the end of the weekend, both myself and Chris Kenner had met up with Andrei in person. Not to mince words: we were blown away. That was the beginning of a collaboration, and more importantly a friendship, over five years now - and like Andrei - it's only getting better.

    The challenge this week requires a little bit of creativity and a lot of fun. The task? Make Andrei a birthday CAKE out of playing cards. We're looking for the most creative submission to take home the prize this week. It doesn't have to be the biggest, we're just looking for the best. It could use only one card, or however many you can imagine. Think outside the box, flex your creativity, and help us celebrate.

    Upload a picture of your cake of cards to Instagram, Imgur, or any photo sharing site, and post the link to your picture in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, January 5th. You have a full 24 hours to participate.

    Once time is up, our panel of judges will decide on a winner. That person will take home 1,000 Elite Member Points, Genesis v1 and v2, a deck of Red Monarchs, and Medallions. Happy Birthday, Andrei!
  2. Impossible for this one ... Hapy birthday Andrei !
  3. could we just post the pic directly in the thread?
  4. Happy birthday Andrei! Here's my cake, consisting of 21-and-a-half battered old red bikes. No glue used (but you might see a the nylon guitar string at the bottom that helps hold it together). Playing cards don't catch fire so well so I helped the candle along by adding some paper into the top. Hope you have a great day Andrei!
  5. It's usually easiest to upload to or Instagram, but as long as we can see it, we can judge it!
  6. I shall see what I can do then
  7. Hey Riley, make sure your album is publicly visible so we can see the images!
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  9. Happy Day! Literally made an Imgur just to post this. Hope it works! Cheers!

    <a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by"/></a>
  10. can we use things like tape??
  11. First time every entering a Saturday Night contest... hope I did good.

    Happy Birthday Andrei!

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