Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday Andrei

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Bradf I have to admit this one is absolutely awesome looking!!! Shows a lot of creativity.

    P.S. Love the little fork lol
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  4. Здравствуйте. Меня зовут rocketenot и сегодня я хочу поздравить Андрея с днем рождения... Oh, in english? Sorry. *beep*
    Happy BBBBirthday, Andrei ;)
  5. Hey guys, very sorry for the long delay! We wanted to get the man himself to help judge this week. Andrei is blown away by the amazing cakes that you all had made for him, and he is super thankful for your support. He wants you guys to know that you all did an outstanding job this week!

    With that said, onto the winners for this week. Yes, you read that right. We are extending the prize to a TOP 3! First place prize goes to PaulWilson for his creative cake! We loved the sculptures made from the kings that were added onto the cake. For that, you take home the main prize!

    2nd place winner receives a deck of Medallions and 100 Elite Points. That member is Jebamagic! Very cool touch with the graffiti on your 3 layer cake. Job well done! And 3rd place prize with 100 Elite Points goes to bradf for his very cool cake, which has a piece ready for eating! Congrats!

    We aren't stopping with winners there. You all did an amazing job this week; one that takes a lot of effort and time. We can't thank you all enough, so we are giving EVERYONE who posted an entry in this thread for the contest 50 ELITE POINTS!

    To the top 3 winners, please send an email to our support crew with your information so we can hook you up with your prizes. To everyone else, you will receive your 50 points within the week!

    Once again, we can't thank you all enough for your continued support, and your participation for this week's contest! You guys are awesome! :)
  6. This is my first Saturday night contest and was just wondering what the support crew email was
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    Thank You! :) Happy Birthday Andrei!
  8. Go to contact us at the bottom of the page under Actions, or click on the envelope that says send a message. Or your best bet is to talk to Casey Rudd himself he is online right now.
  9. I saw some pretty cool cakes in this Saturday Night Contest. You all gave me a run for my money. Even though I did not win any of the main prizes I would like to thank the staff at Theory 11 for being thoughtful of all the participants. That being said I am thinking of spending my 50 elite points on a coupon for Medallions!!! Happy Birthday again Adrei Jikh.
  10. There should be a button at the top right portion of your screen that says Support (next to Account and Checkout buttons). That is the easiest way to get in contact and make sure your email goes through.
  11. Thanks and tell Andrei again happy birthday
  12. Thank you guys so much for everything, this literally made my birthday to see all the amazing effort and creativity. These put a huge smile on my face. I'm definitely saving every single entry and putting them in my scrapbook (seriously). That said, I could not decide on one winner, every entry required a ton of effort and I'm extremely grateful, so hopefully the elite points (although not a crazy large amount) are a small way to give some of that back. Thank you all once more, for an amazing birthday. :)

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