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Aug 31, 2007
I've seen David Copperfield on television and even Lance Burton in Vegas. And being at a live show is really inspiring, but the main reason I started magic is owed to a friend of my parents. He showed me some simple card tricks and I was hooked. Ever since then, I've fallen in love with magical impromptu effects.

Chris I.C.T.M

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Mar 9, 2013
How I Started

I remember my first trick was Jumping Gimini. I learned from mismag822 on youtube when I was 12. Next I got the Criss angel magic kit for my 13th Birthday , still while learning tricks from youtube. I now create my own tricks and own various different props and decks. I also have a Youtube Channel that keeps growing everyday. Right now I am working on ideas and tricks for the Wire.
Jan 16, 2011
I started in magic after watching a magic video online. I was absolutely captivated by it! It caught my attention, and led me to research more. I wanted to amaze people and see them smile. In no time, I quickly found many online magic forums and sites to advance my hobby. Later, I also was into cardistry, as a form of art. It all leads up to today, a day where I am a proud fan of magic, a collector, and an occasional street performer. :D
May 6, 2010
Usually people think that the best trick made the best reaction...but for me, one simple trick can bring a pure miracle when we can compose the harmony between audience,gimmick and story...One day I had an appointment wit my friend at the restaurant..he brought 3 people with him...2 of his friend 1 man and 1 women and 1 little kid wearing a black glasses..and at that time he decided to shout out loudly "MY FRIEND IS A MAGICIAN", and yes you can guest that all of his friend ask me to do a magic (except for the little girl).Than I play a card trick such as Ambitious card routine,U do as I do and card transpo..everyone was applaud seeing my performance (and again except the little girl)..somehow it irritated me and asking my friend, why the little girl ignore friend said "that little girl is blind"..oh now I understand everything...but what I do next??..I saw all my stuff my bag trying to figure out the possible routine in this situation..God bless me I bring a deck of blank card with me and that's all I I'm talking with little girl "have U ever feel a magic??"..she said "no,are U gonna play magic with me?"..."Oh yes" I answered " "can you help me hold this card" I give the card "can you feel he card" she said "yes"..."now we will give name of the card first think of a number between 1-13.,if U done it count one by one the card down to the table, after that put the rest of the card on the table...Your sister (the women before) will accompany me to the outside of the restaurant and made sure I wont look at it, If U done it just yell I DONE IT" okay??..."okay" she said. meanwhile I and her sister go outside the restaurant...her sister said "thank you,I never saw her as excited as this"..and yes I didn't cheat with peeking at all..soon the little girl shout out "done it"..i said "good had choose the first name, now choose the last name of the card..If its a spade put one card, if its heart put two card, clubs put three if diamond..and as before I will wait at the outside"...than the little girl yell again"done it"and then I go inside sit and talk to her...had U done give the name of the card??"..she answered "yes".."can I knew it??" "no its a secret"lol..."then I had to guess it I said"..then I look upon a card and draw one card..."I think Ur card is a number....umm..numberrrr SIX??"..."well yes" she said...and the last name iss..."I can feel the D and I and A...I think the last name is diamond so its SIX of DIAMOND".."yes thats awesome"she shout it outloud "thanks for showing me a magic, that is incredible"..all of the people in that table include me cant resist the tear watching a pure angel so happy and excited after saw a miracle and for the grand finale I show to the other people that I use a blank deck...and the surprised and give me an standing applause...thats my best reaction that I ever get...reaction from the angel that called "a little girl"
Apr 27, 2013
I always wanted to have some kind of power over people and the world so that i could have something to show them and be an intresting person and i got the inspiration since the first time i saw Derren Brown he left me speechlees so i made it my goal to learn and kept learning and always be learning so that i can inspire, shock, mind blow and amaze everyone i meet. There are feelings involved but they are not going to be discused here. But i am truly glad that i have magic in my life it has helped me in many ways and i owe the art for what it has given me.


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Dec 29, 2012
Magic for me, started as an escape. I remember my first magic trick was a simple paper to bill affect that was sold in little book selling magazines. I was in elementary school. Growing up as the odd one out, I found magic as an escape from bullying by my peers. I would mess around with little tricks on youtube and then, I forgot the art. Magic couldn't any longer be my escape. After failed tricks, the kids would throw my cards on the ground and laugh.
After a year or so, A friend introduced me to the TV show MindFreak. I loved it. I remembered what I used to do, and my inspiration flamed again in middle school. I practiced my hardest and am now, loved for my magic tricks. I would be lost without the art.
Jan 20, 2013
The beginning in the magic world!

When i was in primary school a magician had come and showed us some magic tricks! I remember i was amazed.. At the end each one picked a piece of paper with number on it and i won a ball! Years later i met a magician at the street and he showed me a trick with the svengalli deck... He revealed me the trick and the same day i did it to my friends...!! I felt so NICE when i saw my friends eyes to poped out from astonishment...! It was a unique feeling that i can not describe with words... That was it the beginning in the magic world..!!
Jul 19, 2010
Born to be clown.

Magic became my escape from the real world. So that i could become a full time clown. I was born to be a clown.
May 19, 2010
An old friend's brother told us about a brick and mortar shop a few towns over, we went and visited. The first thing we saw was scotch and soda, and I walked out of there with a pen through dollar. It all snowballed from there.
Oct 29, 2012
What got me into magic. I was 6 and at a elementary school book fair. I was in the book fair but i had NO IDEA what i wanted. Teachers were trying to help me find something but there was nothing i wanted. I was looking book through book when suddenly a teacher pointed out a tiny book about magic. Only 30 or so short pages of magic. I didnt have anything so i said "What the heck" and took it. I got home and read through it. It had simple false shuffles, the Si-Stebbens stack, do as i do, etc. I had no interest in magic but i got my mom to pick up a really cheapo deck of cards and i started learning these things. I got so good at all of them and decided to go into more advanced things. By the time i was 8, i had gotten really good at magic. Magic got me through a lot. My parents had recently divorced and i really had no one to talk to. It was a rough time. Magic got me through it all, good and bad. I escaped through magic and did whatever was impossible. I, to this day, remember that book fair. I now preform out on the streets and at parties. People at school know im into magic and they always ask me for a deck of cards to use because they know i carry a pack with me EVERYWHERE! I really enjoy magic as a way of doing the impossible. I teach others magic, including my friends. Im only 14. Im one of the few 14 year olds that can say honestly, "Ive been doing magic for 8 years, its my escape, its my world!" Ive really excelled at magic and i owe it all to not knowing what book to get when i was 6. I owe all my success and happiness to 1 teacher at school. If i could see them today, i hug and thank them for everything. For me.... Magic=Life
Jan 10, 2009
University Park PA
When I was in second grade (so around age 7) i got one of those kids magic sets. I practiced everything in it, and eventually put on a magic show for my second grade class. (I don't actually remember anything from the show itself, but I remember starting it.) Then in fourth grade I did another magic show, this time for everyone in the fourth grade. I still was basically just pulling tricks out of those kids magic sets, I didn't know there was anything else. After that I stopped for a while. When I was 13 a family friend showed me a thing where he showed both hands empty, then made a fireball appear in front of my face. I was immediately hooked. I went out and got Mark Wilson's Course, and I've been doing magic seriously ever since.
Nov 21, 2012
United States
The first time I was really introduced to magic was when is was around the age of nine. My grandparents took me to see a comedy/magic act.

A while later I was re-introduced to magic and started practicing more and really began to work on it.
Jan 6, 2012
I had always been somewhat fascinated with magic, but what really got me started in magic was this old VHS tape that had a few magic tricks on it that I checked out from my public library on a whim when I was maybe 10. I learned a couple of super simple card tricks, and the first time I performed one that really stumped my neighbor (also 10), I was hooked on that feeling of bringing amazement to others. After that, my buddy and I found a local magic shop and starting learning more until we put together a whole show.


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May 28, 2008
Like most kids in grade-school, I participated in fads, and every once in a while, I would inevitably be stacking cards from a deck in some bizarre fashion to demonstrate an interesting or obscure mathematical principle. This was back in the day when I had a deck of cards, grimy, bent, well-traveled. It was before they became as expendable as ziplock bags, groceries or packs of gum.

One year, my parents took my brother and I to see Lance Burton at The Louisville Palace. We wondered at the intricacies of the architecture before the show even began. When Lance came out and introduced himself as a fellow Kentuckian, I felt a warm sense of pride rush through me. The man on the stage, in his fine suit with tails and gloves started where I did.

Of the wonders we saw that night, a few stick out, dominant in my memory, all these years later. At one point, Lance levitated a glowing light-bulb over the audience. If that moment were part of a movie, I'm sure scenes of me performing magic on Hillcrest Ave on Halloween nights later in life would have glimmered in my eyes against the unnatural light of the floating bulb. He ended the show by having a sword fight with a masked villain, and when the collective gasps of the audience filled the theatre after Lance Burton's supposed defeat, The villain ripped the mask from his face to reveal that he was Lance all along.

As the years passed, and my interest in magic fluctuated, I never forgot that floating light. Of course, I knew it was a trick. I could have researched how it was done. There must have been strings or something, unseen, supporting it in its journey over the heads of the spectators. But I never did. I left the memory how it was, a seed of wonder and inspiration that always reminded me of how powerful what we don't know can be in our lives. In this day and age, finding wonder or avoiding a secret can be difficult. That's why, even if I could fool people for a second with a deck of cards, I could tap into that wonder, no matter how temporarily.

That light-bulb has lead me through my early adult life in interesting ways. It put a smile on the face of family members as we were going through a difficult divorce, it's brightened up parities and given me a new tradition on Halloween, it's given me unique moments in relationships, taken me to England to see Derren Brown and into the books of Braue, Vernon and Harris. So, no matter what role magic continues to play in my life from this point on, even if it remains a hobby I can rely on to make people smile, that simple light-bulb trick changed me in a drastic way. That's the moment I was bitten, and that's why, even in my book-bag now, as I make my way through grad-school, there is always deck of cards, waiting to shine on the people in my life.
Jan 31, 2012
My story

Let me tell you my story:

It all started two years ago. I went to the beautiful country Italy. There I met yet another friend where I was staying. His name was Nathan. We started to hang around with Nathan while we were visiting as he could speak English and he knew the area much better than we did. The more we hunted around him the more we liked him. He was a pretty cool guy. We eventually found out that he did magic. Back then I thought magic was that sparkly thing that people did to make it look cool and amaze us. I didn't have the slightest idea what magic really was. He offered to do a show for us. I thought it would be really cool and all my other friends thought so too. So he did the show. I was completely in awe by what he did. It was truly spectacular. The next day I asked how he managed to pull it off. He simply replied, "magic." He showed me another move and it was as well very spectacular. He showed me the French drop. He then taught me how to do it. It was so brilliant the way it worked. From that moment on I was hooked. I looked up magic and started practising every chance I got. From then on my skill grew and I started amazing people and getting that same reaction that I gave from the people I performed to. To this day I perform magic for that purpose. To get that beautiful reaction.

I hope you enjoyed my story:)
Indonesian people always said that playing a card is gambling. Looking at Dan And Dave, Andrei Jikh, and all of flourisher and magician, i want to learn magic and flourish to show Indonesia people that playing a card isn't just a gambling game. We can make a new art with only a deck of cards.


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Apr 7, 2012
I was defeated by a bumbling, stocky little man with a rabbit, three balls and two halves of a once beautiful woman.

I didn't find magic, magic found me.
Mar 16, 2009
First of all i have always been fascinated by playing cards.
So when i was about 10-11years old we were at our summer apartment with my family and i had one deck of cards wrapped around the towel on pier (don't ask why), my mom take the towel as picking it up and all the cards fly to the lake. I was trying to pick some of the cards and "save" them from the water, but the deck was ruined.. At the next day i require to get new deck of cards and yes i get the new deck. Almost right away when i opened the new deck i think that maybe i should try do magic with cards? But i wasn't hooked to magic immediately. When i was about 15 i started learning magic slowly and get little bit confidence performing to the other people.

Well today i have on obsession for sleight of hand and cardistry, i have promised to my self that i'll do this to the day that i die.
Dec 29, 2012
I was fascinated by the art of deception when I was young, for my 8th birthday, my dad bought me a book that teaches magic. I didn't like the book because what they thought was to hard and my hands were to small (now I think differently thanks to andrei jikh). A few years later (2012) I started magic and cardistry and it is the best hobby I have so far.
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