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Jul 23, 2007
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Really amazing stories tonight. Apologies for the delay in posting a winner - I wanted to (and did) read every single post you guys submitted. Everyone is drawn to magic for different reasons, but if you read these posts tonight, it's very apparent that most of us have one thing in common: we don't just do it for ourselves. We do it for others.

We do it share a feeling, an emotion, a smile, a memory - with total strangers. Having that feeling, and sharing that feeling, is what drives us to learn and practice. Having the power to share that rare feeling with someone else, anyone else, whenever you want - it's like a super power. And for many of us, it's what drives us to respect and honor the art.

Some of you were inspired by relatives, parents, friends, strangers. Some of you were discouraged by others, but persisted regardless. Together, magic provides us with a rare skill, unique ability; this arcane knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It's our responsibility now to keep it alive - to respect it, to respect eachother, and provide a future for magic that is brighter than it's past. Together, in this community, on theory11 and beyond - we can do that. And especially after reading your stories tonight, I have nothing but complete confidence that we will.

Tonight's prize, as randomly selected from all valid submissions, goes to Ethinzz in post 31. Congrats to Ethin - whose story isn't dissimilar from many of you and even my own - who started with just a little book in a library that literally changed his life.
Mar 16, 2013
i dont think i actually type what magic means to me or how i feel about it. i believe it is the feeling of when performing the art is inexpressible and uncomparable.The first time i saw magic was Lu Chen new years special. I was completely amazed and fell in love with the art instantly. i believe magic is more of a tool to me. it allows me to unleash my inner creativity. it really lets my mind go wild. And showing that creativity to my friends and family was really awesome. I think at one point i was obsessed with magic. i believe that magic will have no limits and that's what i love about it
Aug 5, 2012
A few years ago, i found a beautiful cardistry video on youtube from a great cardist Alejandro Portela, the video is a trailer for his signature move "JOZ". I think its a beautiful video and this is first time i knew cardistry. I try to learn cardistry although its difficult to do. A few month after i knew this art, i was lucky, i found cardistry community in my country, Indonesian Card Artist (ICA). I joined the community. ICA is the biggest cardistrt community in my country and maybe in the world. In the first time i joined, i meet Rama Dimasatria (Kardistry's CDM11 Champion), Bayu Ajie, Alex R and many more. I learned more with ICA every week. I feel very lucky to be a part of ICA. And now i always doing cardistry anytime, anywhere, I fell in love with this art.
This is my story :D


Virus Galaxy

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Apr 21, 2013
Before magic my dream was to play Basketball in the NBA but it got ruined. It all started when on this accident I had in 2004. I remember it was Thursday April 8th 2004. I was at home my mom asked me if I wanted to go to my cousins house, I went only because I wanted to ride a four wheeler for the first time. I got to my cousins house and we started to play Halo 2 for around an hour. After playing Xbox for an hour we went outside to go ride his four-wheeler. My brother went first, so meanwhile I played basketball shooting three pointers cause that’s what I did. When it was my turn my cousin went with me I was in front and he was in the back. We were riding fine for around a minute. Then everything went wrong when he told me to push the brakes so we can turn, the brakes were not working instead it went faster and faster. We reached the top spread of it which was 50mph, I got so freaked out I looked down for 30 seconds, when I looked up I saw a light post, then I blinked and I was on the ground. I hit my face at a high speed, I looked at myself and I saw my bone popping out of my upper left arm, then I touched my head and the size of the bump on my head was like a golf ball, and last I noticed that I was not able to stand up. My cousin was able to walk so he started to look for help. Luckily he found his dad coming back from work so his dad carried me to his truck, and we got to his house. My mom came outside and looked at me and then rushed me to the emergency room. Then as I was in the emergency room waiting for an ambulance to pick me up. No one noticed that I stopped talking, so when I was in the ambulance I was getting asked questions and I was not answering at all because I didn’t know what they were asking. I passed out and I woke up the next day. When I woke up I was in a lot of braces and stuff. I began to scream and the nurse came in and she asked me to calm down so I did. She said if I knew my name? And I said no. She then stopped at that question and said my condition. She said that I broke my back in three different spots, dislocated my left arm, sprained my neck, blew up my spleen, lost all your memory, and I had to learn had to walk again. It took me 4 months to learn to walk again and my memory loss was permanent. I was told not to play sports anymore because it could cause serious damage to my back. So after I fully recovered I started to look into art. The first thing I got into was guitar I played that for around 7 months, then I moved on to piano and I loved the piano I played piano for 2 years, and last I got into origami which was fun but got boring after 4 months. After trying all those art forms I gave up for about a years so all I did was go to school and get good grades. Then I heard a kid say Criss Angel is the best magician. I had heard of him a lot but never bothered to look him up. When I did look him up I found out he had a TV show called Mindfreak. I saw the first two episodes of the first season on Netflix. After watching those two episodes I said to myself “ I am going to try this art form out”. I started out by Criss Angel’s magic kit after mastering that. I wanted to get better. So I went online and searched magic shops and I found My first purchase on this website was Genesis by Andrei Jikh, and dresscode by Calen Morelli. Ever since I found this website I fell in love with the art of magic and that’s what I want to do with my life.
Dec 17, 2011
For me it all started with me stumbling across Cyril Takayama's YouTube video which involved him putting a signed card through the glass of an aquarium tank. To this day, I still marvel at that whole effect and rountine. Everything I need a bit more inspiration and motivation I would go back to watch that video. I still recall everything that happened in that video and until this day, watching it still gives me the goosebumps. That's what really hooked me into magic, and that's when I first felt that REAL feeling of astonishment. That single moment probably changed my whole course of life as I've never stopped doing magic ever since then.
Apr 21, 2009
USA,Miami FL.
I started at magic, when I was 9, the first trick I saw was from my older brother and, I remember very well it was the 21 cards trick where you take the cards and make 3 piles and everything goes on from there at the end of the trick the 11th card was the card I choose on my mind (of course I did't know there was anything with math on the trick) so my brother did't want to tell me how he did it. So I started looking for the answer and several weeks later found the answer on a encyclopaedia that was somewhere in the house. I was so fascinated that I learned around 5 tricks from that encyclopaedia and saw David Copperfield and David Blaine on T.V. ...since then never stop learning from everywhere now...I'm 24 still performing.
Oct 29, 2012
THANK YOU SO MUCH. Oh btw my name is Ethan. Haha. But i do see how you could get my name wrong. Haha. Too bad im too happy to care!
Feb 10, 2013
I started magic when I was really young because I saw David Blaine on tv. I gave it up though and I wasn't good. Then, almost ten years later, I saw a kid at school do some tricks, I believe it was the invisible deck. It amazed everyone. I remembered my past and decided to try and learn some more. I think the jealousy and wanting to show off is what motivated me because I wanted people to think I was awesome as well. Then things changed. And I learned what magic really is as I found this site and ellusionist. These forums taut me what it means to perform magic and I believe that this is when I truly began magic. Beforehand, I was doing it all wrong.


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Feb 16, 2013
It all started

I started in 5 grade. I had really hard time talking to people because I couldn't understand how they felt. So 1-7 grade I had no friends , but the magic made easy and stressful for me to talk to people.
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