Saturday Night Contest - iPredict the Score!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Giants 28-17
    Patrios 17-14
  2. New England Patriots: 31-20
    New York Giants: 35-29

    Good Luck to everyone! :D
  3. Winner: New England Patriots
    Score: 26-14

    Winner: New England Patriots
    Score: 21-18
  4. Hey Guys,
    this is going to be hard but
    New england patriots
  5. Ny Giants
  6. Patriots-

    34- 21
  7. I predict that the New England Patriots will win the coin toss and chose to receive but the New York Giants will win the game.
  8. NE Patriots
    10 - 3
    NE Patriots
    24 - 17
  9. New York Giants

    New York Giants
  10. Winner: New England Patriots
    Score: 32-12

    Winner: New York Giants
    Score: 24-20
  11. Giants

  12. Patriots 31-27

    Patriots 17-10
  13. Giants 24 -17
  14. Alright Guys,

    Ninja G was the last person to get their prediction in on time. Now we get to wait. We will post the results tomorrow night after the big game!

    Good luck!
  15. When is the super bowl?
  16. As far as I'm aware, it starts at 6:30 PM EST, tonight.
  17. That safety(2 pts) just threw off most of our predictions unless they start missing the extra TD points.
  18. Believe this is it, gratz
  19. Alright guys! Time for the results!

    What a GAME! I bet you guys were hoping your predictions were right. One member correctly predicted the outcome of this year's Super Bowl with the correct team AND score! That member is Aaron.Williams, and here was the score:

    Giants win 21-17!

    Congrats Aaron! You are the true psychic for this year's Super Bowl! Send me a PM with your mailing address, and we will get your ball out to you as soon as we get the signatures!

    See you guys right back here this Saturday for another awesome SNC! :)
  20. Awww I was off by 3 points :(

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