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    This past week, a videographer named Zach King became hugely popular in the Vine community. His short clips of "digital" sleight of hand have been featured all around the world, and we thought it would be great inspiration for this week's contest.

    Normally, camera tricks are a big no-no in magic - a violation of "what you see is what you get" when experiencing magic through the lens of a camera. This week, for this contest, that rule is lifted - this week, it's all about camera tricks.

    The challenge for this week is to use Vine or Instagram to accomplish an amazing, magical effect. Take a look at some of the tricks by Zach King in this video compilation for inspiration. Video edits and camera cuts are the name of the game, but all methods are on the table. The result should be a very magical effect that may not be authentic, but it MUST be creative, deceptive, and entertaining.

    You can do any effect you like, just make sure that it is off-the-wall, creative, and most of all - deceptive. One rule: you can only use Vine or Instagram video for this contest. Once you've made your Vine or Instagram video, use the hashtag #theory11 and post the link to it in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, January 19th.*

    You have 24 hours to participate this week. Each member gets a maximum of 2 entries, so make 'em count! There are two prizes this week: 1,000 Elite Member Points and our latest theory11 magic release: DECOY by Eoin O'Hare - which looks like a camera trick itself, but I promise it isn't!
  2. Dont know much abt it PC based service or a smartphone base?
  3. but zach king uses final cut pro and then puts them on vine, most of us do not have final cut pro
  4. Vine is a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. If you have one of those devices you can download the app for free.
  5. We aren't requiring fancy editing skills. Vine will let you stop and start recording at any time, so you can use that simple method to accomplish what you want.
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  7. sorry I do not understand what it means "but all methods are on the table"
    so what does it mean we should do the magic on the table ?
  8. Intended metaphorically - ANY method is okay to use, as long as you use some "movie magic" on Instagram or Vine, using the camera as a means to your magic (at least in part).
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  10. Thanks for the information :)
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  12. Hey caseyRudd I don't have a smartphone can I post my entry via youtube
  13. I was just about to ask the same thing. My effect is based on the FAT deck principle but I am not up on all this new technology. So as a token of good faith can you allow me to post mine via Vimeo? I'll take my chances that mine doesn't have any video effects.

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