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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. The classic: "banana and aloe vera transpo"

    Hope you guys like it,
    Good luck everyone!
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  2. Good Luck to All Involved in the next few minutes! :)
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  3. Nice live stream Casey!
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  4. What live stream?
  5. Alright guys, time for results! We have come to a conclusion on the winner based on the criteria listed, and we felt that the entry that embodied that criteria the best goes to marcopaso! Congrats! Please contact our support team with your details to claim your prize!

    Thanks again to everyone who entered this week; see you all on Saturday for a new contest!
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  6. Thanks for joining Mike!
    Just went live on Instagram for an hour to kill some time, but follow @casey.rudd to know when I go live next! May do it again throughout the week!
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  7. Congrats!
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  8. Cool I will and congrats
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  9. Congrats marcopaso! It seems like I've been seeing your name up there a lot lately. How many wins is this?
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  10. Thank you!
    I've actually lost track of the total number of wins, but I'm pretty sure this is the third time I win in 2017. I am so glad I have the opportunity to join these creative contests, thank you Casey and theory11!
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  11. Congrats Marcopaso!

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