Saturday Night Contest - On Target!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 7, 2018.

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  2. The in and out must count because it's plastic cards and they tend to bounce and I counted while I was throwing too it's 8...anyways it's k
  3. Nice work gang! I might have to try and up my game!
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  4. Yo this is too good
  5. Well here’s my feeble attempt.

    I counted 10 cards through the 10” x 7” opening at a distance of 12 feet away. I daresay my arm will be sore in the morning. Anyways, back to my online college work. Good luck everyone!
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  6. And I thought I had chances of winning :(
  7. Oh boy
    This was a really nice contest, I spent more than 4 hours trying to get a nice result.
    I started with a big bin and then smaller ones, then I had to use this pan/pot because I don't have a bin or hat this size, I hope it still counts.
    The final result is 3 meters (a little less than 10 feet), 16 cards inside (I didn't count the bounce-offs), and some random copyright-free music for motivation :D.

    Good luck everyone!
  8. Seeing all these numbers is making me wonder if I used a way too small bowl.
    Question: anyone else having any stress pain in the shoulder area? Cuz I woke up with some I think I practiced for too long lol
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  9. So I've learned that having the bin on it's side is easier, so I tried to do that, and from a further distance to get more accurate shots. And I also realized that I'm terrible at this. So. Very. Bad.
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  10. After playing 416 card pickup, I managed to land one in the basket I was using by getting frustrated, flicking it hard, hitting the diagonal slope of my ceiling --> banking off the center "pole" of my home gym and about 3 feet forward into the basket. I don't feel like cutting and uploading it but I consider myself a personal winner here. I had a dude perfect moment.

    Good luck you crazy card slingin' gambits.
  11. I don’t know about shoulder pain but my right bicep is fairly sore. In this craft though, it’s not uncommon after long practice hours to be sore in a place or three.
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  12. A few hours of cards bouncing in and out of the hat and I made 19 cards at 9 ft.

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  13. Was a tough one.It was a steep learning curve at least for me.I couldn't put even 1 card at the beginning.Four cards slipped out of the bag through the hole in the top I didn't count them .
    24 cards at 8 ft.
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  14. I can throw cards with good force...just not with accuracy...
  15. That’s definitely me as well. I’ve noticed that I can usually get the cards in the same general area (within 6 feet of my target) but I still need to do a lot of work on that. On the bright side at least the majority of my cards aren’t totally random in the directions they fly.
  16. There is a good Modern Rogue video on this, they had some champ break it down and if I remember correctly it was pretty much very similar to throwing a baseball with his style and wherever your pointing it should end up going.
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  17. Ahh man! Spend about 3 to 4 hours just chucking cards and the best I got was 20 and didn't manage to upload in time. Not that it would have beaten 24. Oh well nice work to everyone who took part. I absolutely ruined my cards now.
  18. Ahh well heres mine anyway :)
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  19. The amount of questions I asked was like 2x the amount of cards I successfully threw into my hat...
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  20. Oh and @Furrukh

    Mine is is just a li Bit lower. Like more muscle (if I had any:() than shoulder. It’s kind of odd.

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