Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. here is my entry, sorry for my bad english, i dont speak english I speak urdu

    good luck to everyone
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    Here is my entry into this weeks SNC!
    It uses a normal deck of cards which can be examined after you are done and requires no stooging of any kind.
    It combines 3 principles to make it work. Thanks to Steve Beam for showing me the basics of this. You Da Man!
    I shot with 2 cameras to make it extra fancy with different angles. Hope you like it.
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  4. The deadline has now passed, and we're reviewing each submission carefully.

    After all submissions have been reviewed, we'll be posting the winner of this contest soon.

    In the meantime, thanks to everyone who participated - and hope you guys had a great weekend!
  5. Alright guys, time for results!

    We are truly thankful for the CRAZY amount of AWESOME submissions this week!!! You guys killed it!

    So to get straight to it, our winner for this week just blew us away with his routine. Very fair, open - it was mental! With that said, we would like to congratulate PaulTheIllusionist for taking home the prize this week! Please contact our support crew, and they will get you situated and make sure your prizes are mailed ASAP!

    We would also like to give an honorable mention to PeteCardMagic21 for his submission! Pete definitely made this a hard one to judge tonight, so thank you Pete for your excellent entry!!!

    On behalf of all of us at theory11, we want to thank you guys again for participating this week. You guys rock! We'll see you all next week for another SNC!
  6. Wow thank you guys! I haven't won a SNC in 3 years and 3 months.
  7. Congrats to Paul and thanks again to EVERYONE who participate in this event. Regarding Nyman's next release - this has been a project over a year in the making, and when you get it in your hands - it will never leave your repertoire.

    Without question, one of the most powerful and practical concepts we've ever released. You'll be using it EVERY day. It's been an honor and great privilege to work with Andy to bring it to life.
  8. congratulations to the winner, cudnt ur video as its set to private
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