Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. I posted mine where is it????
  2. for anyone interested in my effect here is how it worked:
    1. I stacked the top half of the deck like this, As 3h 5c 7d 9s jh kc. Keep repeating the pattern of s,h,c,d and all the odd cards until you run out. The last card in the top half will be the Kd. I put a Breather Crimp into this card.
    The remaining cards I just mixed together randomly but alternated in color black,red,black,red etc.

    2. She cuts the cards and the breather crimp forces the cut to separate the 2 stacks I have.
    3. She cuts the top half with the odd stacked cards repeatedly and stops on one and puts it away. I just peek at the bottom card and know what card she took.
    4. Now with the other half of the cards, I separate the cards into 2 halves and give it one fair riffle shuffle.
    5. She gets the first guess of red or black. No matter what she says, when its my guess I just name the color opposite of the color her card actually was. If she says black, and her card is black, the next card will be red. If she says red and her card is black the next card will be red. No matter if she is right or wrong, you will always be right. Just name the color opposite of the one her card actually was. This is known as the Gilbreath Principle. It will work. I don't really know why, but I know it does.

    Thats it. have fun!
  3. Wait... you posted a video for a contest, lost, and then decided to compound that loss by publicly revealing the method you used in the video you posted? Just for the sake of "anyone interested?"

    Okay, I'll play along. You've got my attention. Now what are you going to do with it?
  4. Steerpike you need to chill out with the sarcasm sometimes....
  5. Go away Steerpike
  6. be nicer steerpike
  7. Have to admit, I thought that this would be the one opinion I wouldn't take any **** for. And yet here we are. I call out a guy exposing his own methods publicly in a transparent grab for attention, and this is somehow a controversial opinion. Totally did not see that coming.
  8. ************ ** * * * * * * ******* * * ** * * * * * ** *** * *** ** ****** ** ** ** ** ***
    I didn't want to say it but I did.. Hope I don't get banned for language
  9. Hey Guys!

    Positive, constructive criticism only please. There is no reason to try to pick fights for any reason (nor is there a reason to retaliate when we have tools to report posts that are picking fights). We are here to help each other. If your post is not going to help someone here, you should simply not post it.

    Closing this thread down now, as the contest is over.

    // L
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