Saturday Night Contest - Pieces of Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Alright guys! It was awesome to see everyone's videos over the past day. Definitely a lot more coin videos than we're used to, and we like that! Keep them coming.

    Unfortunately, you guys all gave us a challenge to judge for the winner. We had a lot of amazing entries, and it's taken quite a while to narrow it down to just one.

    With that said, Lyle and I would like to congratulate radekmakar for submitting a smooth and beautiful Spellbound routine! We loved watching how smooth the moves were executed and how you didn't hesitate at all. The patter line and presentation was a nice touch too. This is definitely something to catch your spectator's attention.

    We would also like to extend a round of applause to JPrace as the runner up. That coin vanish was super slick. Great job of keeping it simple and direct.

    Rade, please PM me with your theory11 email and address, along with your choice of 6 pack.

    Thanks again to everyone for participating! It was definitely a rockin' competition.
  2. Well done everyone. rademakar took my vote simply because of his skill in handling such a difficult trick. He was smooth and polished, and his video met the requirements of the contest. He did not win by any video editing, but simply by skill and showmanship.

    Well done everyone.

  3. Thank you for challenging me to go outside my box. It was difficult for me to make a decent coin video. Twas good practice and certainly gave me an appreciation for this aspect of the art. I had fun making mine, even if it was just editing.

    Also, congrats. The winning routine was done really well.
  4. couse he is polish :) Congratz Radek!

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