Saturday Night Contest - Pieces of Silver

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  1. I hope you know when you performed the Coin Matrix, you pulled out nickles and not dimes. Just saying.
  2. Here is my entry.
    I tried to make the presentation relevant to the audience of this video (the members of Theory11) and tried to address the aspect of the challenge that asked us to "change a spectator's perception of how they see magic."
  3. I really liked your performance. The sleights looked very natural and the presentation had a good flow to it.
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  5. Thought I would go a completely different route with this. No sleights, no stooges, no switches, etc. Hope you guys enjoy.

    The angle is crap but I only had one chance to shoot this under this time frame and no one to hold the camera so I had to set the camera on this box. When I looked through the viewfinder everything was framed up okay but I guess once I hit record it ticked down a bit.
  6. Hi guys,

    Here's my entry:

    Even though I added some visual twist at the beginning, the routine is unchanged and looks just like I usually perform it in front of real people.

    Thanks and good luck everyone!

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