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Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players


Elite Member
Dec 27, 2011

card #1: ace of spades
card #2: 4 of clubs

card #1:2 of diamonds
card# 2: 9 of hearts

thanks and good luck to everyone!!


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
And now... the results! The two cards in the box were from a shuffled, complete deck of Players. The cards were totally random, and as I scanned through the results tonight, page by page, I began to lose hope that we'd have a direct match. Many were close - several of you hit one of the cards correctly!

But then I found it - ONE of you nailed BOTH of the cards exactly 100%. The first card was a Five of Diamonds... and the second card was the NINE of Hearts, which means SinSandman - you hit the bullseye! Awesome!

Congrats to our winner, SinSandman, and thanks to EVERYONE who participated tonight! This was a blast to host, and we're excited for the week ahead and release of Madison's debut deck of cards. They're very special, in more ways than one. Stay tuned throughout the week and on Wednesday for the big release!
Mar 6, 2012
u should do this 2 of this contests ...cause in Europe it was 4-5 AM when this contest started so no chances for us...

PS: congrats for the winner
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