Saturday Night Contest - Putting It All Together

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 7, 2013.

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    My first ever post to theory11, might as well start it off with a bang. Well I hope you guys like this because it utilizes my own color change and my own double from the center :D
  2. Can I shoot in many angles?
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    Cards CAN be signed. Original trick came up with it in about 10 minutes; only had time for one take and it need more practice to improve quality.


    Double lifts
    Full deck colour change
    False shuffles
    Herman pass - Thank you Jason England and Theory 11 - improved my pass significantly from before the download.
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    Here is my entry:
    Sorry about the quality actually i filmed in 1080p but my internet was slow and i decreased the quality. By the way i cutted the video because i had problems about lighting. If you look my last video (It's "Something Short") you can see what i mean. I try to say camera cuts doesn't effect the trick. I can upload uncutted video of the trick with no edits later. Whatever, it uses:
    Top Shot by Lennart Green
    Double Lift
    A False Cut
    My Original Sandwich Reveal
    Card switch/control
    Triple Lift
    My version of a color change

    An original effect I call Flipsyde. I perform this all them time; it has some ballsy moves, but I wanted to entertain the magicians that are going to watch this video instead of vainly trying to fool them. I took the term "color change" and added a more literal meaning xD I hope you like it!
    an original effect i created
    although the false shuffle i do does not look important it is actually key to the whole effect
  8. This is my entry :

    All cuts on the video are not covering anything ! There are just here to make the video more enjoyable to see ! :)
    The video was taken with only one shot !

    5 moves in this video :
    - A move to return a card 2nd from the top.
    - My own false shuffle : TFFS (The Faro False Shuffle).
    - A simple double lift.
    - 2 changes : The Harbor Change by Mike Hankins and The Window Change.

    Hope you'll enjoy it ! :)
  9. What a great contest! This is my first time and it has been super fun creating the trick aswell as watching everyone elses. Looking forward to the next Saturday! :)

    Here is my entry:

    To follow the rules, I have a false cut, a doublelift and a color change. Hope you enjoy, please watch the whole video. :)
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